2024 winter and summer squash

I think I order my tromboncino from franchi. big bag. lots of seed.

my cukes, crookneck and melons that were direct sown are peeking out. the ones I put in from starts are stunted, I think it’ll be a week of this warm nights before they start vining

once they get big enough I’ll spread them out. when I thin stuff I try to transplant and sometimes I get bonus plants that way, instead of just cutting or pulling the extras.

I’ve got my winter squash all going well from the starts. looks like triamble is gangbusters already. tromboncino is lagging from the cold nights.

got some pocket melon and collective farm woman doing ok. the Minnesota midgets are stunted the worst, which is ironic as they’re meant to be short season, early germination.

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@resonanteye I might have missed the comment, are they stunted from weather or the transplant process?

My direct sown cukes are at about the same place as yours. We’re due for a couple lower temps (~50°F low) and then summer hot weather a little less than a week from now, so I’m guessing that’s when things will take off hard.

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weather. we had some 40-45F nights after I put them out. our hot weather started yesterday, 85F in the day 50 at night, and no lower temps on the way (70-85 days, 50-55 nights)

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Ahh got it. It’s been really chaotic weather this cycle.

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I grow Japanese squash this year. They start to have flowers now.

Also, I grow snake gourd. I started it indoor, now is about 3’ long and bloomed. The vine is on the weak side, I have it under a tall tree, hoping it might climb up to the tree sometime in the summer. Can’t wait to taste it.

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