3 persimmon varieties

Nikita’s gift (red), Early Jewel (small size) and saijo (more orange)

Nikita’s gift is my favorite but they are all very good!


great photos. thanks for sharing!


Nikita’s gift seems to be a consensus standout, at least here in the PNW. I had the unfortunate experience of buying some fruit from One Green World years ago. They were relatively bland and not as good as store bought Hachiya. So I didn’t have much interest in it.

I’m guessing those fruits were picked too early or something and I just had a bad experience. Can’t wait to try them again under better circumstances.


Those look great. I wish I could get my NG wood to survive more than a year. I had a system that was working pretty good until last winter which didn’t seem to be too extreme, I thought I was going to have some 2nd yr wood but after the spring unveiling it was total top kill. I have given up on NG.

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Nikita’s gift and jiro