A few bloom pictures from my backyard orchard today

Sweet Treat Pluerry

Double Delight nectarine

Flavor Finale Pluot

Flavor King Pluot

Pluot- 3n1 Zee Sweet Nugget Emerald Drop, Splash and Geo Pride


A year ago I envied the early blossoms you westerners have. I was impatient for my own, and tired of a cold, and seemingly endless, February. This year I find delight every time I view them, and am glad the sight of my own blossoms still awaits.

Thank you for sharing your photos. I hope your harvests are as abundant as the promise in the blooms.

Very beautiful!

Tons of blossoms, how great!!! Can you please take a longer shot of your orchard as it is quite perfect!


Most of my trees (70+) are in a 50’x100’ area at the back of my property. It’s hard to get a picture of all of them. I don’t have them in nice neat rows, I plant them randomly so it looks kinda like a mini forest and I don’t let them get any taller than about 8ft. I started it about 6 years ago with 5 trees and have been adding to it ever since. I really need get busy weeding and re-mulching


Steve, it looks fantastic. I remember when it was a large rectangle of land with sticks coming out of the ground! It is beautiful. I wish my orchard was as organized! My weeding will begin around Easter. Thanks for the pic. Don’t all of the blossom smell good? Thank you!

Beautiful trees! My stonefruit blossoms are cascading from tree to tree with each passing day, and the Flavor Delight Aprium already has fruit set. Had to look at my records from year past and this is the earliest that’s happened.


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Agree on all counts, beautiful. Makes me remember why I moved to CA 16 yrs ago!!

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Sweet Treat Pluerry.


Spice Zee Nectaplum.


Multi-Graft pluot: Dapple Dandy, Flavor Queen, and Flavor Supreme.



Steve my double delight is blooming for the first time this year. It has only cracked open a few flowers so far but they look absolutely nothing like yours at all. So far they are small simple open pink flowers. I bought it from a local nursery and it was well labeled with the Dave Wilson tags and everything but I must have a mislabeled tree on my hands. Been a disappointment so far it will be interesting to see if I can figure out what it actually is.

‘Burgundy’ plum up close:


Nice pics. Plum blossoms really are gorgeous up close and in person.

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Yes, keep them coming! It helps me believe spring will really finally come here.

Cold today but it should be nice this weekend. Its pear pruning weekend for me.

Yes great photos, and I can’t wait to see my trees. It’s going to be a good year here so this preview was excellent.
I would love an orchard like Steve’s. I wish I had more room. I will probably one day when I move. But what a pain, I will have to start over.