A few Georgia Rattlesnake watermelons

Here are three melons picked today from our patch.
They were planted late, (June 5th) but did very well in un-amended soil, with drip irrigation.
They weighed in at 42, 43, and 46.6 lb
We had one earlier that was 46 lb too.
These are making our boy Logan smile, and they taste mighty Good!
We are saving seed from our biggest and best, and can share some.


They look beautiful! I’d be proud of them too! Did your melons have any problems re: growing?


Looks great. Congrats!


Logan has a lot to smile about because not many people can grow monster melons like that! Great Job!


The only problem we had was when six of a neighboring rancher’s cattle got into the area, and ran through the entire garden. I lost a grafted mulberry, some cucumber plants, and if course they did some damage to the melons, including stepping into a few of them.
The vines all seemed very healthy, and really covered that area fast. I have no idea how many are out there, but in the cantaloupe, I counted about a dozen so close they were almost on top of each other. We planted Hale’s Best Jumbo this year.

Next year I’m growing about 8 different watermelon varieties, and nine other melons. We plan on adding some composted manure to the rows. I hope the plants do as well next year.


And a lot of us can’t seem to grow them AT ALL :slightly_smiling_face:, so really good job there!


After the turn the vole thread took, I almost didn’t look at this one! Watermelons, thank goodness for watermelons!


I hope they offer you some meat for the damage.

Actually Arizona is a fence out state, and it was our guys that left the gate open. …so no meat, just a little wisdom for the children.

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This is a 46.6 pounder sliced lengthwise. It was very good. They think this was the biggest in the patch.


I hate you

Okay, not really. But it just happens I cut open one we bought at a store a few days ago and it was not edible… had to toss it in the timber :frowning_face:

It’s a shame you’re not in our neighborhood. They are selling a bunch of them roadside today for ten bucks each.

Man, those look great! We are finishing our last OrangeGlo. We had five nice ones. It’ll be a looonnnggggg wait for us to have more.


I would gladly pay ten bucks if I had reason to believe I might get a high-quality watermelon. Enjoy them while you can. I can’t find any good ones around here anymore. Yeah… a long wait…

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It does stink when you open one early, or cows run through them, and they just aren’t any good. :frowning:
Hubby has noticed he gets headaches from store bought watermelons, but has had zero headaches eating ours…even in HUGE quantities. Makes you wonder how good that frankenfood really is!

As much as I love watermelon I suppose I ought to just give it another try.

My goal for next years garden is to have more room to maneuver around inside the fence, and to not over-plant every single thing I decide to plant!

That said, if I limit the tomatoes and cucumbers (which we were overrun with this year) I should have more space to work with. That I don’t imagine I’ll plant sweet potatoes next year again so…

Still, the darn things vine so much it’s hard to imagine they won’t take over things.

Wish I could get them to go without the worry about deer, turkey, coon, etc., getting at 'em. Then I could go outside the garden - I may try that anyway. Just plant massive amounts and hope there’s some left time they get ripe - if they get ripe. :slightly_smiling_face: