A gigantic weed from our garden area

We didn’t plant a garden this year, and are now harvesting a large crop of healthy weeds.
This lambsquarter measured 11’2" from the soil line to the tip. Our son in the picture is six feet tall without those boots.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/c/cfbef68a92a0ff76941f3a667ed9d96d25340b93.jpg" width=“600”


Oof…hope it didn’t go to seed!

Your soil is very good - lambsquarter is the best indicator. :grin:

You need a chain saw instead of a shovel. That is a world record weed.

In these parts, we call 'em shade trees :grin:

No wonder it’s hard to get kids to weed the garden these days…

Your garden didn’t want to miss out on growing food, even if you didn’t have time for it this year. It’s still giving you veggies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLb-sFOt6zc

Where I come from the “weed” gets that big, honest. But it’s not the potent kind they’ve bred for commercial production.

Unbelievable. I didn’t know what that weed was called (lambsquarter) and I DARN sure never imagined people ate and/or intentionally grew them (or their relatives) until that video. I pull those things up almost daily, and the only thing positive I can find to say about them is that they actually pull up easier than a lot of weeds. That is the kindest thing I can say about them, though! ha. Still, thanks for the info. Never know what you’ll learn on here.

Well it likely was bred for commercial production just not the same kind of production that people today associate it with. Hemp fiber was a big industry at one time in the Midwest. We still have lots of wild hemp here that gets 8’ tall in a normal year. A couple states are lobbying to be allowed to grow it again as a commercial crop for fiber and seed…

Maybe the stuff in northern Illinois is hemp. The locals call it marijuana. I’ve seen them 12-14ft tall.

They call it “marijuana” here as well. Thats the problem with the cropping aspect of it, in terms of it being legal to grow. The federal gov’t classifies it as a illegal drug, even though the wild stuff growing here has almost no THC in it as it was originally grown for a totally different purpose. If it did we would have lots of people wandering the country side cutting it.