A Rome Beauty and Arkansas Black

These are two of the few apples that actually ripened on our trees. The frost got all but a couple dozen or so, then the bugs and sheep took out a few more. There is one more Arkansas Black out there, and I’m waiting for it to drop into the bag around it. (Crocheted net bags to keep them out of the chickens and ducks range) The bags are why there is a honeycomb ‘shadow’ in the color.
The happy little people are our two youngest.
Next year should be great, and I may get to sample close to 30 varieties I’ve never tasted.

This forum with all the great people who share their experiences and successes, has been a great encouragement. Thank you Scott and everyone for making this an awesome place!


I enjoy Arkansas Black :slight_smile:

I’m so glad you explained the honey comb outline! haha Actually, I love that. Anyway, glad you got a few apples. As a relatively new fruit grower myself, I know the thrill of getting those first few fruits from your trees. Way to go.

The kids look happy and ready to give them a taste test. I took a bag of stored Ark Blk from the frig today and peeled/cut them up to freeze. They are so hard my fingers and arms were tired.

That honey comb pattern is cool! We used to put stickers on apples when I worked at an orchard in college to get words to “appear” later in the fall.

When my dad was in Vietnam the guys would use the first aid tape to put initials on their skin, and then tan. They must have been on the bored side I think.
We like bees, and thought the honeycomb pattern was kinda neat.

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Thought you might like this:


I bagged with ziplock baggies this year and got ‘Ziplock’ imprinted on a number of apples. I figured someone would have tried this to imprint a brand name on an apple. I could imagine imprinting a heart or some symbol of significance on an apple and charging a premium.

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On a local scale I am sure it can be profitable, but nationally it would be too labor intensive, thus expensive.

Are you any at all concern about leaching? possible release of plastic chemical into apples?

It looks like where you are the sun is intense. I have bagged apples for several years, but have never had any imprint on apples.

Hadn’t given it much concern. I cut vent holes at the bottom of the bag, so there isn’t really much apple-to-plastic contact and condensate drips out – but who knows. The imprinting of course only happens on the southerly exposed apples. And yes, San Diego is the desert, home of many a solar farm, so lots of intense sunlight.

Throwing this out there — what if there were a way to color the apples artificially with UV-B light and imprint them in a fully automated process?

Maybe put a ribbon on pink lady apple to support breast cancer awareness.

The Japanese are way ahead of you

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By the way, 2,100 Yen is $20 USD.

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And thats why you dont see them here in the USA!

The Mutsu is normally a Green/Yellow apple with light blush. So I guess the uniform red color is from the UVB irradiation.