A slip of the Grafting knife 2020


Yeah, I did. :slight_smile:


No matter how good you are it happens. When i stuffed the fat back in i filled the wound full of antibiotic ointment.


thats strange as about 10ys ago they switched to flushing wounds with saline instead of peroxide because peroxide harms healthy tissue. i would have done the same thing. salt + water = saline? if the water wasn’t purified the salt in it would kill of any bugs.


Depends on the salinity. 0.9 % saline is our natural concentration, it is cell friendly. Anything higher will desiccate cells.


You can never have too much electrical tape + paper towels and super glue around!:grinning:
Speedy recovery to Clark and all the rest of you fellow grafters!


Whenever I hit the tip of my finger with the rubber hammer while putting the pavers on the hillside, I would quickly put a lot of salt and some water in a small cup and dip the finger in only for a few minutes. If the finger still felt very bad, I would make a paste and put some on the part that hurt. After the salt dried and fell off, the finger would be fine, not swollen or bruised. That only works if there is no cut on the finger.


Im giving it some air now.


In Michigan, we show people where we live by pointing to our hand. Our lower peninsula looks like a hand. If your hand photo were reversed (Michigan’s thumb is on the other side), I would live just about in your cut.


When you remember, please use fingers from the other hand to gently rub/massage the front and back of the whole hand, leaving a circle about 1 inch radius around the wound untouched, to promote circulation. It will heal much faster. Please make sure both hands are clean when you do it. Hope you feel better soon.


It feels great it never has hurt. Thank you for the excellent tip to increase circulation.


A little air seems to be just what it needed


i see you have a nice scar on your palm. mines in the same spot on the same hand from falling on shale while fishing a brook.


Soon going to be another memory we look back and laugh about.