A slip of the Grafting knife 2020


Yeah, I did. :slight_smile:


No matter how good you are it happens. When i stuffed the fat back in i filled the wound full of antibiotic ointment.


thats strange as about 10ys ago they switched to flushing wounds with saline instead of peroxide because peroxide harms healthy tissue. i would have done the same thing. salt + water = saline? if the water wasn’t purified the salt in it would kill of any bugs.


Depends on the salinity. 0.9 % saline is our natural concentration, it is cell friendly. Anything higher will desiccate cells.


You can never have too much electrical tape + paper towels and super glue around!:grinning:
Speedy recovery to Clark and all the rest of you fellow grafters!


Whenever I hit the tip of my finger with the rubber hammer while putting the pavers on the hillside, I would quickly put a lot of salt and some water in a small cup and dip the finger in only for a few minutes. If the finger still felt very bad, I would make a paste and put some on the part that hurt. After the salt dried and fell off, the finger would be fine, not swollen or bruised. That only works if there is no cut on the finger.


Im giving it some air now.


In Michigan, we show people where we live by pointing to our hand. Our lower peninsula looks like a hand. If your hand photo were reversed (Michigan’s thumb is on the other side), I would live just about in your cut.


When you remember, please use fingers from the other hand to gently rub/massage the front and back of the whole hand, leaving a circle about 1 inch radius around the wound untouched, to promote circulation. It will heal much faster. Please make sure both hands are clean when you do it. Hope you feel better soon.


It feels great it never has hurt. Thank you for the excellent tip to increase circulation.


A little air seems to be just what it needed


i see you have a nice scar on your palm. mines in the same spot on the same hand from falling on shale while fishing a brook.


Soon going to be another memory we look back and laugh about.


probably won’t even scar. reason why they say a sharp knife cut heals better/ faster than a dull knife cut.


Looks pretty good now.

Typically my scars dont show to bad but i have them on top of each other. You can see that i have worked with my hands.


This reminds me of what happened more than ten years ago. There was a vendor at the farmer market who sold regular veggies and fruits as “organic”. The city wanted me to meet the manager and show him the place. When he greeted me at the farmer market, his hand was so deformed and missing parts, I shook his hand like there was nothing unusual about it. I think that was one of the reasons he really listened to me and went ahead with the investigation, and eventually had the “organic” certification revoked. That is why I know treating people with respect is very important…


When i lost the tip of that finger i was 8 or 9. Growing up around tractors, bailers, discs, brush hogs, plows, sickels, hammer mills, cows, pigs, chickens, the land itself its hard to imagine being in one piece. The land is mostly fenced off with Barb wire and as a kid it was my job to help maintain things. Love the life i have lived but it was never as easy as it is right now. Thats good life has gotten easier it needed to be. One of my neighbors has a 6 inch scar on the back of his leg because he decided he was tougher than a white leghorn rooster i had. Told him to leave that one alone and he said it was just a chicken and he could get out of his way. I advised he cut a path around that rooster but he didnt listen. When i heard him yelling a while later i ran as fast as i could where i picked him up out of the fence that the roooster had him wrapped up in , he was very scared and angry and pretty cut up all over with an angry rooster crowing at him . He vowed to get even with the rooster but i mentioned the rooster needed to be that way to survive in a place like this he cooled down understanding the mistake was his. If you look for trouble here there is a bull, snake, nest of yellow jackets or bumble bees , or badger always equally looking for trouble some boy might want to start. That rooster had cut up many chicken killing dogs or various other animals through the years to protect the flock. There were many wild dogs people dumped in those days. I bought that rooster from a preacher for .75 and he had a few hundred he used for the dinner table. I brought him home and the hens pecked him to blood removing half his feathers. The chickens are like that always picking on the smallest or weakest. So i took him to the house with me and let his feathers grow back taking as good of care of his as i could. I was feeding him from my hand and letting him sleep in a box beside me where i could look out for him. After a month i put him back in the chicken house and he did not lose any feathers that time. He always ate from my hand and i could pet him which he liked but he did not trust another living thing. As far as he was concerned that boy was planning too remove his feathers and he decided to tell him what he did those hens who tried to peck out his feathers. He was know different than the countless things who attacked him looking for a chicken dinner. We buried a dozen racoons and possums over the years that that tried to eat him and the flock of hens he guarded. The old military guys who taught me survival in those days laughed because i was loading bullets before kindergarden. They were all part gun smith, part jack of all trades. They all carried shrapnel and told me to plan to get some but they helped my family raise me, getting me ready to live off the land and fight for our country when we were attacked. Life plays its tricks on people and those old guys one at a time passed away leaving me with their memories of things they did but the war they raised me to fight never came . I was taught a scar was not given to you it was earned. No one gives you anything generally so dont expect it. One of those guys carried a metal covered bible from world war II full of nazi metal intended for his heart. Was taught to expect that and nothing less from people. I consider myself a kind person i got that from my mom. Life is not always kind and i look out for my mom when life is unkind and i remember that metal covered bible and what they did to protect themselves.


At some of the lowest times in my life, I have received unexpected kindness and generosity from total strangers. It gave me back my trust in humanity. I try to pay it forward and ask my kids to do the same, especially in this trying time. Hope everything goes well with your mom.


i had a R.I red hen that had a cut on her tail as aq chick the other chicks made her a bloody mess. i too brought her in the house in her own box. soon Becky would get out of her box and wake me in the morning by pecking my eyebrows. she would follow me around the house. at a month old Mom informed me she had to go back out . she lived to 7 yrs. old and would always jump up on my knee or shoulder and peck at me until i gave her a treat. would follow me everywhere in the yard and we would have to be careful because she got into everything. id scold her if she was doing something she shouldn’t. it was like she knew. smartest chicken I’ve ever seen. those ol’ timers sound like my father. a Vietnam veteran. never talked about it but instilled in us to always be on the ball and don’t take things for granted. he was a perfectionist but didn’t expect anymore from you that he couldn’t do. was firm but a compassionate man. fiercely patriotic and to his dying day hated hippies. he would give you the shirt of his back to help someone in need. even poached a deer for a family in the mid 80’s when the father had lost his job at the mill with 3 kids to feed. i helped cut it up. used to give his extra produce and fruit to the church pantry. before they had organized food pantries. i helped blanch and process those veggies and fruit. was a huge turnout at his funeral and many cried.


One of my closest friends a big sailor named John never saw action in the south pacific but things were still smoking when he arrived. He was always a day behind the battles. A month ago i checked on his wife who is now 92 and his daughter. I bring them fruits, vegetables, morels etc… when i have more than we need. The mans wife that had the metal covered bible was in the store a few months ago and was sharp as a tack still remembering me from my childhood but now 95+ years old. John the big sailor told me those battle hardened guys made him feel like a small boy in short pants. Those two men lived into their mid 80s and had a good life.

Your story tells me you have an internal wealth. Few will ever know those riches.
If only everyone knew what you did the world would be a much better place.

The benefits of grafting is worth every drop of that blood. When i say i built this place up with blood and sweat i mean literally that.