A slip of the Grafting knife 2020


Grafted thousands of times but eventually we all slip with the knife. My ex girlfriend called to check on me and being slightly distracted while trimming up some grafting tape i slipped and the razor went in the palm of my hand all the way. Not sure what it lodged in but when i pulled out the blade it took a tug to get it out. Zero pain with this type of injury for me but i realize an infection can be serious. Anyone else have a slip of the knife yet?


Yikes! Thanks for the advertisement for newbies like me to use just a grafting tool like the Fieldcraft Topgrafter! :wink:


Razor knives are my tool of choice now because of their versatility. A razor is just about the sharpest thing i know of and it sure can make a mess of a hand. Very glad it wasnt the fingers because when they get cut grafting season becomes much more difficult.


I got a nick the other day just wiping down my blade…not even trying to make a cut!!!


That’s a deep one Clark, keep it clean! I shaved the very tip off my pinky two weeks ago with a bic razor, my granddaughter (4) looked at it and ran to my wife and said “ I hope papa’s finger grows back on”. Lol


Ouch! Yesterday I got a pretty good slice in my thumb and didnt notice until the parafilm started showing up with red blotches. I wrote it off to technique and was pretty sure something like that was going to happen. Now I’m typing with a bandaid :thinking:


I have read about gloves that would prevent such injuries. Some don’t like them because it makes them more clumsy.
Do any of you use them?
Which ones do you recommend?


I’m so clumsy, it’s hard to believe all 10 fingers are there. A couple do have big scars, but not from grafting.

This year, 3/4 of my grafts were bench graft. I did most of the work on a cutting board. That helped. Some was with grafting knife, some with single edge razor blade. I braced fingers and hands as well as possible, didn’t force it, and made use of my sharpener.

Take good care of that wound @clarkinks! Ouch! I feel your pain,


I like to wear surgical gloves. They are very thin but can protect from lots of cuts despite their thinness.
I cannot see myself wearing thick gloves for grafting as you completely lose feel.


That photo makes me glad I lopped the tip off of the morakniv I bought for grafting. I took one look at it and thought “this thing will open me up for no reason”.


I cut myself my first time grafting, so I’ve worn gloves ever since, clumsiness be damned. They’re just regular work gloves reinforced with duct tape around the danger zone.


When making the cleft part of a graft I do use a cardboard guard around the rootstock over my hand. That way if it cuts a little to faster or farther down than I want it to then it will hit the cardboard and not my hand. I have made these type guards out of leather as well when sharpeneing axes with files. Except I put the leather guard on the file between the handle and the file part. Works great in case of an accidental slip :+1:



I’ve made many flesh cuts over the years while grafting. Fortunately I still have 10 fingers left :grin:

It looks like I will be starting grafting in the middle of this week. We are in the middle of a relatively cool spell now.


Just did same thing Clark, sliced into my thumb while cleaning alcohol off blade with paper towel. Not a bad cut but puts me out of action a few days. Usually I glue these wounds but am out of super glue.


Just look up “cut proof gloves” on eBay, Amazon or AliExpress (if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks to a month for shipping).

They are all fundamentally the same, using Kevlar threads woven into thin gloves.

Just takes a while to get used to them. They are only a few mm thick.


better to be cut with a sharp blade than a dull one but also a higher chance of a larger cut. i have scars all over my hands from cuts but none from grafting. knock on wood. biggest one i got fishing in a brook when i was 16. slipped on some rocks and landed on shale. sliced my whole lower palm wide open ! i covered it with some big dogwood leaves. walked the 3 miles back to my bike then 2 miles back to the house. i thought i was going to bleed to death. my mother bandaged it all up and it took about 3 months to heal. we had no heath insurance back then so you did your own doctoring. :wink:


In the old days, it was advised to use an cheap “o” ring used in garden hoses.Ok they are to hard to find when you need one.


Saw a trick I plan on using. A CD. Slip the scion/ rootstock through it and work away. If you slip, it hits the CD not your flesh.


I use cut resistant gloves like these. They are very tactile and I have never felt they impared my knife work. I don’t know why people seem so hesitant to use proper PPE when grafting. The knives are super sharp (or should be) and you are always just one slip away from a serious injury.



First year grafting - this is after my 50th graft. Wanted to try enough to learn this one way or another before the next season :slight_smile: Its only a minor cut in the thumb. The specific slip happened when I was trying to rock the knife on a thin rootstock branch for the cleft graft. Lesson learnt!