Abate fetel aka Abbe fetel

Abate fetel aka Abbe fetel is covered in fruit blossoms this year and i find myself hoping very much they make it.

"Developed in France in 1866. Fruit: large to very large and more or less elongated. The skin is thin, green or yellow with a bright red blush on the side exposed to the sun. Flesh is whitish, melting, very juicy, sugary, aromatic, and excellent in quality. Tree: Susceptible to fire blight, graft compatible with quince and often sets parthenocarpic fruit when no pollen is available.



This is the most anticipated pear in my yard. I don’t see flower buds this year but my tree is younger than yours.

Look forward to your report of this variety. It is my most favorite/best eating pear.


You have good taste in pears! Abate fetel is one of the very best there is as your aware. Now the trick is if we can find some way to easily grow it and avoid disease. Once it blooms we will no what we have. There is a part of me thats hoping for 40 degrees during bloom to avoid the pollinators to see if i can fruit it with no fireblight. @wildscaper told me years ago he grew it fireblight free in Texas so it may not be as bad as is stated.


Yes, I was reluctant to grow it for a while due to its fire blight reputation.

Once I tasted the pear, I’ve decided that it would worth a risk. Who does not like large, sweet, smooth, delish pears?

It’s @mrsg47 who told me about this variety.


I just grafted Abate Fetel today. It’s early but I had to take wood from one of my pear trees and grafted it to the trunk of the other one which is a espalier. I need a branch on a certain spot so instead of cutting wood and putting in it the refrigerator I just went ahead and grafted right away. Counting on the easiness of pear grafting here. Didn’t know Abate Fetel takes that long to fruit. But I’m happy to hear you both like the taste.

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Thanks Mam! My wifi has been out,! Abbe Fetel pears are huge in France and grow easily here! Maybe I’ll try one again.


Did not keep all my flower buds but i still have enough i think. Its not an early bloomer which is wonderful news.
Abate fetel shown below

Warren shown below for comparison

Ewart shown below for comparison


Any suggestions on a good pollinator for this cultivar? Or a resource chart to show pollinators? Thanks!

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These are the pears its most compatible with Online pollination checker for fruit trees

Of the pear you Orange Pippins listed, how many you have that are compatible to Abbe Fetel?

I have one!!! Josephine de Malines which is a small graft on the other side of the yard away from Abbe Fetel.

Need to look for more varieties. Not sure if Comice will do well where I am.

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@mamuang most any pear that overlaps it is compatible. I had at least 15 blooming at the same time eg. Improved kieffer, douglas etc… since most people dont grow those i didnt say anything. You and I grow so many pears we never have pollination issues. However any pear seedlings from my house will need a paternity test if someone wants to determine its parents.

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That’s what I thought but getting confirmation from you is great.

Do your Abbe Fetel survive recent late freeze?

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There was severe damage so we will see. Im not confident of any fruit making it this year.

So sorry to hear. Hope some fruit will escape the freeze.

We will be cold here tonight. We’ll see.

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Great thank you much.

I was interested in growing Red Clapps E. Pear along with Abbe Fetal and see that they are compatible. Ordered both and now time will tell. looking forward to both cultivars.

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So sorry you’ve gotten hit so hard with freezes, Clark. Hopefully the trees will put their energy into producing a hife crop next year!

I found these beauties for sale today. The price came to around $1 per pear. Hope they’ll be ready to eat in a few days.


Those look excellent! We will see how things go this year but im not counting on much.

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Where did you buy that from? Whole Foods?

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@clarkinks maybe you’ve got some late unopened buds somewhere that’ll surprise you! I got hit with a freeze yesterday that’ll likely hurt my prospects of a good harvest too :disappointed:

@mamuang Yes, wholefoods. They were $1.99 per pound.


$1.99 a lb is so worth it for AF.