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I think (hope) this is a question and not a complaint. But on the main page where it shows all the threads, beside each topic it has the little icons/avatars (included avatars generated by the site) for those who have responded (sort of). What I’m wondering about is on what are those icons/avatars based. I always thought they were there in order of the responses to a topic, so that if I was the last person to respond, my avatar would be at the end of the row of avatars for that thread, and the person who responded to the thread topic before me would be the next to last icon shown, and so on. But today I noticed that is not the case (I’m going by the thread on big box store trees if it matters). SO then I thought maybe those icons were just the FIRST people who responded to a thread, so the first response would be the first icon on the row, 2ed icon would be second responder, and so on until room ran out. But that isn’t the case either. In fact, I can determine no logical basis for the order of the icons. Again, I don’t mean to complain because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new site and applaud Scott’s work soooo much! But if there is a logical order, I’d like to understand it because it could be useful. I always thought that by looking at the icons I could tell who had responded/posted in a given thread and when (in order of posts) they did so. That would be very helpful in decided whether or not to open a thread and read it. The other reason I’m asking is that I’m wondering if I’m not crazy and it used to be that way and now something has gone wrong-either on my computer or maybe during the move to the NJ server? If its never been that way and those avatars are nothing but a random showing of who all has responded, then at least I’ll know I’m not missing something. THanks!

There is space enough for 5 icons to a post. The first four posters that are different users of the forum get their icons displayed in that order. The fifth different poster will get the last spot and will be replaced by the next new poster. It is not a random process.

What is that thin horizontal (orange?) line that seems to randomly appear under a posted topic? Thanks,Brady

I may have the answer to my question.As soon as I posted it,the line showed up under it,so it could be the latest post. Brady

Where is the new user tutorial?

Is this the place to leave comments about the interface?

This is the best fruit forum, bar none. This isn’t criticism, but a minor problem I run into.

About once every week or two, I unintentionally add a new reply to a thread in general, when I meant to reply to a specific post. I notice after posting that there is no indicator of to whom the reply was intended.

So I delete the post and either retype a new one in the right place, so people can tell who I’m respondnig to, or I copy the text, delete the original, then paste the text into a reply in the right place.

I just did that now, but it wouldn’t accept my post because it was deemed to similar to a recent post. That’s true, its exactly the same, but that other post was deleted.

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Now I know why some of your posts get deleted!

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There’s no hope for @murky :joy:

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@murky I just saw your question now. If I understand it correctly, you want to make sure people know whom you respond to, right?

I’ve done what you did several times. The way I corrected it is as follows:
Click on a symbol of 3 dots at the bottom of your post.
A few more symbols will show up
Click on a symbol of a pencil (it’s for edit)
Go to the beginning of your post, put @+ that person’s avatar i.e. @murky
This is to get that person’s attention and let the rest know who you respond to
Hit reply

If you already know this, my apology.

Thanks mamuang, I’ve since discovered that when I’ve seen other peoples @ mentions. We began using Microsoft Teams at work, with similar challenges for me, so I’ve been forced to become more proficient :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be struggling for the rest of my life with 21st century stuff. I no sooner begin to understand one thing then it’s a whole new 'nother thing, and so on.

But if you’re ever in my neighborhood I’d be glad to show you a real, operative dial phone …

If that’s directed at me, I’m not that young :slight_smile: We had a red, rotary phone in our kitchen when I was a kid. The only phone in the house, and all you could do with it is talk to people :slight_smile:

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Primitive! But what’s really surprising is that in spite of it all, that dial phone still works.

Like many workers, I have to learn technology on a fly when working from home was the only option. It has been difficult for a low tech like me.

At work, we uses Cisco WebEx but we have been trained how to use Microsoft Team, too. I know just enough to do my job.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is there a way to quote the text of someone you are replying to?

Just highlight (left-click and drag) the section of text you want to quote. When you release the mouse a little window will open. Click on it and there you are.

Looks like it worked, thanks! Just testing it out.

Wait- the quote vanished??


I didn’t see it either, but when I asked, they said it was there.