Adams County Nursery 2017 Variety Showcase versus 2024

Lets do a 7 year follow up and get opinions on how these varities did for you long term?


Adams County Nursery 2017 Variety Showcase [Slideshow] - Growing Produce

Adams County Nursery 2017 Variety Showcase [Slideshow]

Christina Herrick Posted by Christina HerrickDecember 1, 2016

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Buckeye® Gala

Buckeye® is the darkest Gala strain we offer, making it the choice selection for southern regions or otherwise poor-coloring Gala districts. It typically develops complete color and a stripe in these warmer climates. Fruit size and flavor are comparable to traditional Gala strains. Tree habit is upright and vigorous. Harvests a few days ahead of Crimson® Gala. (Simmons Cltv.)

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Cold Snap™

Developed by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada, Cold Snap™ is an attractive late-season pear harvesting three weeks after Bartlett. The fruit develops a red over-color with fine texture and excellent flavor. This variety is reported to show high fire blight resistance. Available for commercial sales under license agreement with Brandt’s Fruit Trees, Yakima, WA. Grower Agreement Required. (HW614 Cltv.)

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CrimsonCrisp® is a medium-sized, very attractive, crimson red colored apple. CrimsonCrisp® has a firm, crisp texture with a tart, complex flavor. The tree is grower-friendly with a spreading habit, fruiting throughout the tree on 2- and 3-year-old branches. The fruit matures in mid-season and will keep in cold storage for six months. CrimsonCrisp® is a registered trademark of Purdue Research Foundation. USPP#16,622 (CO-OP 39)

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Discovered in Martinsburg, WV, by W. Glen Welsh, this variety rapidly became an important early season yellow-fleshed variety in the Mid-Atlantic region. Many consider Glenglo™ the best-flavored peach in this season. The fruit is large, very firm, and freestone when tree-ripened. The tree is medium in vigor and productive. USPP#10,652 (GW115 Cltv.)

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July Rose™

July Rose™ is a white-fleshed peach recently introduced by Rutgers University. The large fruit is firm and has a nice, sweet flavor with an attractive red color. It harvests five-to-seven days before Redhaven. Our trees produced a heavy crop this season, demonstrating it to be very bud hardy. The tree is vigorous, productive, and resistant to bacterial leaf spot. USPP#23,669 (NJ354 Cltv.)

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NectaFest™ is a nectarine from USDA-Agricultural Research Service program in Kearneysville, WV. It is an early season selection, harvesting just after Easternglo. The fruit is a high quality for an early season nectarine, with a very refreshing flavor profile. USPP#25,694

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Premier™ Honeycrisp

Premier™ Honeycrisp was discovered by the growers at Mount Ridge Fruit Farms in Adams County, PA. Premier™ is a complete tree sport of Honeycrisp that matures three weeks earlier. From what we’ve observed, Premier™ shares many of the same attributes of the original Honeycrisp and should not be considered a red strain. USPP#24,833 (DAS 10 CLTV.)

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Sunrise is a disease-resistant pear introduced by USDA-ARS and Ohio State University. The fruit color is yellow, often with a slight blushing and little russet. Sunrise harvests two weeks before Bartlett with a storage time of three months. The tree has shown quite a resistance to fire blight.

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Sweet Pixie 2

Sweet Pixie 2 is an interspecific plum x cherry hybrid developed by Zaiger Genetics in Modesto, CA. The attractive, red-yellow fruit is larger than a cherry, yet smaller than a plum, and has excellent dessert qualities. The tree is annually productive and hangs well in clusters for a prolonged harvest. We have been evaluating this variety in Adams County for six seasons, and bacterial spot has yet to be observed. USPP#23,796


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Here is highlights of the commercial catalog from 2024.


Definitely some good looking fruit pictures!
(Do they taste better,that’s the question?)



They do look good and they have all the latest varieties. Look at the pollination charts!

Pears are nice!


The commercial producer needs the latest.
Not sure about the average backyard



Noticed AC lists and my lists are not terribly different. They know exactly what they are doing would be my opinion. The backyard grower needs every edge they can get. They have problems i dont. If racoons rob a pear tree i laugh about the rascals but it can be devastating for someone with one tree.


I’ve gotten scions of a couple more of them …on that list.

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I think I have that 2017 or 18 catalog. I bought a Harrow Sweet pear and Contender peach that year. Neither of my trees have produced any fruit even tho they’ve bloomed several times. The peach has had its fruitlets stolen by squirrels, the pear isn’t big enough to bear still.

Was in the orchard yesterday and it looks like my Moonglow pear is about to croak. Several branches failed the scratch test, brown underneath instead of green.

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The Contender peach is a very good peach for me, when is produces fruit. The trouble is blooms getting ruined when we get a late frost and freeze in my area. It has been hit or miss the last few years, not because of the tree itself but because Mother Nature doesn’t want me to have any of my own peaches that year.