Adding photos to posts

Most of my photos taken with my new phone,seem too big to be put with any posts and they are not allowed.Is there a way to format or shrink them,so they will work here? Thanks,Brady

Brady, my phone automatically uploads any pictures I take to my laptop. I then use a free online photo editing tool called FotoFlexer. I’m able to crop, resize, etc, and it automatically removes any metadata from my photos so that GPS coordinates and all other information is removed.

I should add that resizing to 640x480 makes for a web friendly posting. :hand:

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Brady, I would recommend using a site such as - upload the picture there and select the “1000px” resize. Then, download the picture to your phone and upload here.

Its too bad Discourse doesn’t do the resize for you. I just looked into how to increase the size limit, it looks like it is doable but requires a site rebuild. I am going to hold off on doing that for now, partly because I want to see how fast we are using up disk space. Currently we have 1000MB total; if we are uploading 5MB images that could start growing a lot faster.



Brady, I ran into the limit with my Before and After post. I solved it without any re-sizing just by opening the pic in Paint (which comes with Windows- you can do right-click, and select “edit” in Windows 8), then immediately saving it in .jpg format. I’m not sure why, but the format used by paint appears more space effective, without any perceptible loss in quality- I went back and forth between the two and couldn’t see a difference on a 32" monitor. The savings was about 40% (enough to go from 5MB to 3MB). If you need more reduction than this, inside of Paint, there is a resize option on the home tab.

Note- The Paint app from past versions of Windows may not have all of these options. And of course, this assumes that you are using a Windows computer as well as your phone.

I should mention that I’m very happy to be able to put more than one image into a single post.

I just upload mine to photobucket…i don’t do anything with them…seems to work. You can use tinypic (although your pic will be deleted after some amt of time—months?)…

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Thanks for the help and ideas,guys.I’ll keep working on it. Brady

I’m with you Scott. We need to adjust the picture size. In my opinion we are close to having what we need. Great discussions, lower resolution pictures (minor issue, I use photoshop), and by all means keep it simple and low cost. Another possibility is lowering the resolution on your camera at least for the pictures you intend to upload here. Thanks Scott

On uploading a couple of photos, I saw something like this in the text box:

img src="//" width=“975” height=“793”

I discovered if I change the width and height to smaller numbers, the photo is much more compact. I chose 400 X 400 for square photos or guessed to get a similar proportion - precision did not seem to matter.

I don’t know if that changes the use of memory in storage, or just changes the photo size in the post.

Do a before and after check of file size. Example 500mb to 200md.

That is only adjusting the size shown.

I recently upped the photo upload size here to 10MB. Still, it would be greatly appreciated if people resized their photos to something smaller before uploading - it will upload a lot faster and it will burn less disk space on the forum server. The hope is to be able to keep all the photos here around indefinitely.


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Thanks for the advice. I will downsize any future pics. :smile:

Thanks Scott. If space gets to be an issue again, I’m sure that a smaller resolution photo will be adequate for our picture posting. Bill

I use Picasa for all of my photo editing, cropping, labeling, and other processing. Picasa is a free download, and I like that I don’t have to upload photos onto the internet to use it. It’s a little less good, compared to previous versions. That may be my curmudgeon side, not liking new stuff.

Picasa does not have an obvious photo downsizing function, but I discovered it is there and it is easy. When editing photos, use “File” then “Export to Folder”, and you can choose the size you want. It’s very easy, worked for me the first try.

I chose 600 pixel. If that does not seem like the right size, I am happy to make them smaller (for saving memory) or larger (to view more easily) based on any recommendation.

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Two Q’s.

  1. What size resolution is still good enough to zoom in to see details which might be necessary to diagnose a disease or pest? Downsizing too much ch might reduce the photo’s usefulness.

  2. Is there any software that will automatically downsize a photo?


MIke, I would say 2000x2000 pixels is about as big as you would ever need as that is bigger than most monitor resolutions.

There are many many ways to downsize photos. if you Google resize photos you will find many websites will do it. If you are running Windows, get an app like which can work really easily, you just select the photos and use the resize option on the menu. For Mac, look at - the Preview program can do it.

Hopefully in a few months this website will automatically be able to resize photos you upload to max 2000x2000, I got the Discourse developers to put it on their To Do list.

Trying to test upload a full sized photo, but in the future will shrink them first …

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I like your hang tag, Mark. Looks like it helps with the two legged pickers. Now, if we could teach squirrels to read and obey, sure would make for some happier growers.

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Thanks, Muddy. The signs do help a great deal, but facts are facts: the tree is growing on public property (the boulevard by our house), and legally it too is public property. In my next life I will own more good ground!

Those two little apples are from a wild seedling I found a few years ago. This is the first time I’ll be able to sample them. No idea what they’ll be like, but I think they’re quite pretty, anyway.

Those look large for a seedling. Let us know how they turn out!

I am getting my first seedling pear fruit this year, they are seeds of Chinese fragrant pears I planted several years ago. The fruits are sizing up nicely, all I need is some decent flavor.

Scott, I assume it’s a seedling- there are two entertwined trunks growing together, which I take to be from a discarded apple core. Could be wrong. As you can see from the scale of the pen they’re fairly small, but they are nicely shaped and beautifully colored, and who knows? They may even be good for something!

Here’s a picture (resized, I hope) of the whole tree to add some perspective. The pippins are way off to the right side, if you can find them.

The other apples are primarily Liberty. Off to the left are Pristine and Pixie Crunch (not much bigger than the seedlings), Yellow Delicious, Rubinette, Karmijn d’ Sonneville, Supreme, Montana Red, Fireside,; somewhere in there are a few Stayman Winesaps and Prairie Spy. From the other side you can find Sweet 16 and Carousel and maybe a few others. A few varieties have yet to bear, and a couple had their nametags confiscated by the wind one year and have yet to prove themselves.