'Al Horn' pawpaw flavor


Has anyone tasted the white fleshed ‘Al Horn’ variety of pawpaw and be able to remark on its flavor and/or texture?


No, I hope I have 2 or 3 two year old seedlings … if they made it through a second winter.
So, someday I’ll hope to try.


Just wanted to give this one a bump—because I’m wondering the same thing! :wink: Thinking about putting one out next season.


Jeremiah, I’ve eaten enough pawpaws this summer to know that there is great variation in the flavor and the color. For the most part, light color equals mild taste. But, there are exceptions.
I sampled one wild collected near Cumberland Gap that is deep orange inside, but fairly mild flavor with no bitterness. Taste more like butternut squash. Big seeds, and only about 8 per pawpaw. Size ‘average’ or better than average for one collected.

Hopefully the Al Horns and the Jerry Lehman’s will have enthused a new generation–as pawpaws should be more widely grown by homeowners. They even look good in the landscape, rather like the popular deciduous magnolias.


Blueberry, I agree completely! They’re a great fruit and a handsome tree. Have been eating my first batch of Sunflowers this month----and can’t get enough! A lot better than the wild ones I’d tried before. That Cumberland Gap Butternut sounds like a keeper!