Amazon Pruner Scam

I have been meaning to add a note to this thread, concerning the ARS pruners - but just keep being distracted by other stuff on the forum . . .

I’d like to thank Steven @Skillcult . . . for he is the one who introduced ‘me’ to the long reach ARS pruners - through his videos. If you are interested in his recommendation - go to his YouTube channel.

Thanks, Steven!!!


The grab and hold feature is accomplished by a plastic piece that is screwed to the stationary blade. It can be removed, which allows cutting thicker stems.

The grab and hold is very nice for collecting scion wood or picking fruit.


Because Americans wouldn’t appreciate it enough to pay the premium over crappier versions.


If you kept your trees at a head high level, you wouldn’t need to get
on a ladder to do anything. Nor would you have to purchase such an expensive tool. A 36 inch lopper is all I need.

@rayrose - I can’t always get to branches on the interior of our trees - loppers are too cumbersome, wide and just plain difficult for me to use at times. They are not meant for tight spaces. And perhaps you are much taller, to begin with, than some of us who LOVE our ‘expensive tool’.


Around here, deer can get to head level if they try, and sometimes they try. One needs to either grow their fruit on real trees or build a good fence- and then there are squirrels that sometimes jump as high as 6’ to board a tree so at least 5’ of trunk is needed to create a baffle. If you need bird netting as well, 6’ is better. Then there is the fact that branches sag when weighted with fruit.

A ladder is essential for efficiently pruning and harvesting the fruit of most of the trees I manage. A long reach pruner certainly would be useful for someone adverse to using a ladder, but they are too much work for me. On very tall (40’ +) apple trees I sometimes use my long reach pruners and loppers along with my tallest and heaviest Little Giant step ladder- sometimes I just climb the things but I’m getting too old for that sht. I no longer take on jobs that involve any scary climbing because I don’t use ropes.

There certainly are advantages to growing fruit trees in the middle of a suburbia devoid of a lot of wildlife. It’s not a universal situation, however, and I’ve only briefly ever lived in such a neighborhood. I don’t manage any orchards that don’t have wildlife issues that require taller trees to be able to defend fruit- unless there are good vermin chasing dogs or someone trapping the pests that can climb their fence

Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ve just ordered another pair from Amazon. Apparently I’ve had an alert set with camelcamelcamel to let me know if they got below a certain price, $25. They did, and the seller is purportedly in Japan. Plus they are listed with “free returns”.

What can I say?

At some point I’ve taken the pair out of my trunk, and disturbed the order I’d established on where to find a pair in all of the instances I might want one. I probably could have spent 10 minutes and taken inventory to set things straight. But…

edit: It hadn’t occurred to me, but I just noticed in the last couple of days that the yen is super weak against the dollar. I’m used to thinking of it as close to 100:1 , like 110 at the most. When I’m at the airport in Japan, I think of them as cents. But now it is 143:1 That makes it more plausible that these are legit.


How do you folks even manage to wear out your original pair? I get several years of use out of a pair and I’m pruning almost 7 months of the year… constantly.


I still use my grandmother’s pruners occasionally. They are close to 80 yrs old. They are easy to sharpen and work fine. No sign of them wearing out although there is a little corrosion on the handle.


I don’t, the first pair I got years ago will last until I lose it. Especially now that I have others.

I keep one on my riding mower to cut dangling blackberries and branches on the fly, one on the counter to take when I go out in the yard, one in my trunk, one in my grafting bag that is always razor sharp and clean.


Hi Jafar, could you please send the link for the purchase you made? If they are still available at that price.

It was a brief window, they are $31 now, but with faster shipping.

I use this website to track prices on Amazon, it gives an email if the item drops below a price I choose:

You just copy and paste the URL from the item page on Amazon, and give your email address.

This may be a link for to track the listing:

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