Ambrosia pear

This is a cultivar from Purdue University released through Gardens Alive conglomerate aka Gurneys etc. Gardens Alive! - Wikipedia!

Dr. Janick released honeysweet and Green Jade pears as well.
Honeysweet pear
Green jade - PP14034 - Crisp 'n Sweet™ pear

ambrosia.pdf (365.5 KB)

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Has a lot of good varieties in it’s parentage. Looks like it ripens about the same time as Harrow Delight. Oddly they called it early mid season.


Posting couple pictures of Ambrosia pear fruit:

Aug 20th 2015

Aug 20th, 2015

Aug 6th 2016

Aug 20th, 2016


It blooms around April 15th in zone 6a. For last couple years I lost battle to squirrels so did not get any pears. Trying to get it under control in 2023.


They found you and now have a map to your tree in their den!


Yeah, they are going after peaches primarily but unfortunately take pears as well. As you can see on pictures pears where not protected at all when tree was young and I was able to harvest some pears. But it’s not a case anymore. Stocking nets for this season💪

Wow! That’s a big pear. I bought one this year. It’s struggling with a foliar disease that might be fireblight though. Do you spray yours?

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I didn’t spray in recent years much, maybe Neem oil here in there. In 2023 I’m trying to adopt organic schedule. However I’m battling this leaf issue Pear disease and Insect identification - #45 by ukie still deciding how to tackle it.

2023 fruit set, white powder is Surround spray