An ode to the best fig pots I've found

I searched high and low for sturdy, affordable, moveable fig pots and finally found something spectacular this season. As a disclaimer, I have no affiliation with these pots or anyone selling them, I just like them so much I feel the need to share.

These 15 gallon pots are perfect. I’ve been getting batches of ten to save on shipping and they’re an infinitely better deal than my local options (and believe me, I’ve asked everyone and anyone who had pots to sell). As of this post, they’re $7.50 each.

  1. They’re DURABLE: They are made of a rigid, high quality plastic that hasn’t faded from the sun all season, nor does it warp or rip with handling.
  2. They’re easy enough to move: 15 gallons is a good sweet spot for being just small enough to move as one person, but large enough for a very happy root ball without much fear of dry roots. They also have a great rim around the whole bucket you can really yard on if you have to.
  3. They’re affordable: these things are hardly any price difference than the garbage nursery pots all the stores (ag centers, big box, nurseries) around me are peddling.
  4. Bonus: they’re made in the USA (if you care about that sort of thing)

I have a stash pile of these in my garage and couldn’t be happier. The only reason I use anything else these days is if it’s a variety I’m not sure I’ll keep, or it’s truly a baby sized fig.

Negra d’Agde putting out its first figs of the season

Most of my fig collection with a few of the older pots for less-sure varieties.


That’s a good choice for your needs.

How much was the shipping?

Cheap enough to be worth it for me.

I ordered these a few years back, I’m very pleased with them. I have 15-gallon and 20-gallon. I really forgot how much I paid but not much.


The link only lets you choose from 1 to 9, not 10+ at a time. I poked around their website and couldn’t find any bulk options. Those look like they might be a good second or third pot size for my avocados, which I’m starting in “tall one” treepots and usually pot up to 7gal for their second year. At least for any that don’t go in the ground then.

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Add 9 to your cart, then edit your cart from 9 to 10


I use these for wicking tubs… i think im on year 5. I also use them to transfer compost, manure, and all kinds of things. I plan on buying a few more to overwinter some propagations. I like your pots better but these do very good for me. $8 each. I think they are 17 gallon.

It wont let me post the walmart link… so type in…

Mainstays Flexible Tub with Rope Handles Laundry Basket, Black

here is the exact same one on amazon for $20


I think this is the same kind of pot in video form… you can see how well they are made.


Post above deleted after a good edit :wink:

Yep! I believe those are the same pots. They are def more expensive via is affiliate link though. If anyone finds cheaper than my initial link I’d love for it to be shared!


This one has the same(ish) dimensions which should have it at around 14 or so gallon. No shipping cost so may be cheaper alternative. Will have to look at it in person to confirm quality.


That’s not the same product, much flimsier, I think I bought the same ones from the OP link, they are in full sun and still very sturdy.

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@SoCalGardenNut Given your username, I’m assuming we are in a similar enough growing environment. I am in Irvine btw.

Wondering if you put your figs in these and then leave the pots in full Sun? Have you grown other things in them too? Wondering if I should get a few. They seem to be sold out right now.

@kybishop thanks for posting these. Seems like the company is all sold out right now. Will add a reminder to come back and check some time. I had the same Qs for you as well if you’d be willing to share. Do you put these out in full Sun? How hot does it get where you are and what zone are you in? Any other tips would be appreciated given you’ve been using these for a while. I plan to use them for a bunch of figs and also some misc fruit trees and other things in the yard.


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I do keep them out in full sun and haven’t seen even the slightest warping or degradation, though it only gets up to maybe mid-90s most of the time here. I also have pomegranates, feijoas, citrus, various other tropicals doing well in them.

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Thanks! Yea we can get up to 110 sometimes and have had a few days even higher than that. But when that happens, I’m already making plans and changing things around, shading, etc so those kinds of events are out of the norm anyway.

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