Any News of Roger Meyer?

Just wonder if he is well. Any hope to order some jujube trees?

No new news?

As of about two weeks ago, he was out of bed, where he had spent 4 months. He’s now in a wheel chair and in rehab to build up his strength.

I’ve been ordering fruit from him and Shirley (his wife) has been sending it out. I’m eating it (some Sherwoods from the 2nd batch) as I type this.

Glad he is doing well and the biz is still going… Thx.

that is good news. The good man’s not even aware he’s got a fanbase!

just taled to Shirley and she says Roger is bac to the hospital. :cry:
also, she adds they probably wont be able to sell grafted plants-- and not even budwood this coming winter or spring…
really sad…

I just saw this listed on the facebook NAFEX group:

William A. Grimes
16 hrs · San Francisco, CA

Roger Meyer, long-time CRFG member, former CRFG Vice President, Southern California nurseryman and jujube and kiwi expert passed away last night after a long illness. Services are pending but friends wishing to send a card to Shirley, his wife, can do so at:

16531 Mt. Shelly Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708… See More

What a loss…

So sad :cry:

This really is sad news. We need more people like Roger in this world. What a legacy he has left.

his legacy lives on-- in many of our orchards/gardens all over america.
And many of those specimens of his legacy, well, those will be productive for several hundred years, maybe even a thousand years…

quite sobering a remembrance, those fruit-bearing heirlooms which approach eternity!

Very sad. God speed Roger.

Roger has left a great legacy and body of work from which many will benefit. My sympathies go with Shirley in her grief.

What a sad news. He such a gentleman. I hope Shirley will keep the farm open to keep his legacy going.


when i talked to Shirley ~1 month ago, she didn’t sound like she is up to it. And also sounded like it was only Roger who could identify the budwood-source trees – perhaps unlabeled.

Anyone knows how old Roger was? In his 60s?

In one of the post stated that he was 70.


This is so sad; I had feared as much. I bought from them two years in a row. I talked to Shirley early in 2015 and she said he had not been well. Then when I was looking at their site for ordering last year saw that it was not being maintained and that the farm was being sold. I had hoped I was wrong. :frowning: He was always so personable and generous with information and advice, a wonderful guy. Godspeed, Roger. You will be missed.


Here is a video of Meyer’s home garden shortly after his death.


Quite possibly in so cal conditions(and zero pesticides and minimal care) that Roger’s persimmon, mango, jujube, pouteria and longan trees will be fruitful for hundreds of years.

A most sobering and most worthwhile of human endeavors.