ANYA CandyCot


I drove down to Andy’s orchard today to pick up a bushel of Anya Candycot I had reserved.

25+ brix on most fruit. Very sweet with a tiny hint of acid near the pit, sooooo juicy!!! Juice was dripping down my hands / legs / everywhere. The syrupy juice stuck to my lips like lip balm! Wow!!! Hands down one of the very best apricots! After eating this, the 20 brix Royal Blenheims & Robadas were just meh!

I am yet to taste a Moorpark Apricot, so cant compare with that yet. Later this year, I hope to find some at Andys or my local farmers market.


@Stan @Girly @fruitgrower @JoeReal @RichSV One of you guys living in California have to find a way for us to get Anya scions or trees… If someone knows the Arboreum folks, may be she/he can talk them into offering it.


I know what I want and I want it now,I want


How much these cost per pound?


or the seeds. I think these would come fairly true from seed. Wasn’t Stan reporting on some similar seedlings that were very high brix?


I think I paid $96 or 97 for 16 pounds, so probably $6 a pound I think… If you weren’t more than an hour away, I would drop some off for you to try and compare with your cots…


I’ll give you $12/lb plus shipping for one lb of the seeds. Grow them out and I could distribute the trees…!!


@fruitnut I’ll be very happy to save up all the seeds and ship it to you for free. PM me your address.

I wish I could ship the fruit as well to all of you but it would rot by the time you get it…


Anya is not self-fertile, so seeds will have genetic material from Anya and Yuliya or some other variety. Results may be great if you’re lucky, but they will not be identical to Anya. I see some variation on my Anya seedlings (with Yuliya most likely as the pollen parent).


Since these were grown at Andys Orchard - they could have been pollinated by almost any other stone fruit pollen at the orchard I guess?


All he has is great varieties so all the better.


As far as I remember Andy’s orchard setup, these apricots are in a separate section, which is not very large. I don’t remember all varieties in that section, but I think that towards the back wall they have several rows of Bonny Royal, then several rows of Yuliya, and then finally several rows of Anya. In the commercial orchard in Modesto, where I got my Anya apricots, they used Yuliya to pollinate Anya.


Do they taste as good as advertise?


For all the advertising I did on Anya I feel like Andy owes me a cut. :wink: :rofl: :laughing:


I wrote to Andy last January about possibly obtaining scions from his orchard, here is what he wrote back:

Sorry, those two varieties are highly restricted with propagation rights owned by the CandyCot Co. No propagation or even breeding with these two varieties is allowed by my contract with CandyCot.

Andy Mariani


The two varieties were Anya and Yuliya.


If @fruitnut doesn’t want all the seeds, I’d be interested in growing some out to see how they do in the Northeast. But no worries either way.


I think we need to speak with the original breeder, since he doesn’t seem to have commercial interest in Anya anymore (he replaced his orchard with almonds). His contract with Andy was probably made before he gave up on growing apricots. The Anya breeder is not making any money out of it right now, and his only way he can make some profit out of it is by either selling trees or scions… Sounds logical to me, but I may be wrong…


I reached out over the winter and he wasn’t willing to sell scions at that time.


@SMC_zone6 - PM me your address and I can send you some.