ANYA CandyCot


@mamuang - Yes, very sweet, juicy with very nice apricot flavor. Not the best fruit I have eaten but definitely the best apricot Ive eaten.


What are your top five or ten fruits that you have eaten @Girly ?


I never ate any good apricots from supermarkets so I stopped buying them.

Last year I ate apricots from my own tree for the first time. They were far superior to any store bought ones I tried ( we don’t have Andy’s here!!). I love them now. Can’t wait for mine to ripen.


Hi @Ahmad - Out of what I’ve tasted so far, my favorites are listed below. Many varieties I want to try - Kishu Mandarin, June Pride Peach, Moorpark & Orangered Apricots, Polar series white nectarines, CalRed peaches, Elephant Heart Plum, double gold raspberry, and a many more…

For citrus its Washington Navel - its a classic. The ones in my farmers market are 2x/3x more sweet than normal, even the ones at my local whole foods are very sweet with great flavor. I also like Sumo(Shiranui) and Pixie a lot.

Apples - Fuji tastes really good here. (Most of the other varieties we get here are not good)

For Apricots - I have to say its Anya but I prefer a good juicy sweet yellow peach with good peach flavor over apricots/nectarines any day.

The most unforgettable fruit tasting moments for me were - biting into a honey kist for the first time at the farmers market (I like the flavor of honey kist better than honey royal/blaze), tasting the rapunzel nectraine at Andys, tasting Baby Crawford peaches at Andys. A really good Spice Zee Necta plum a few years ago at my farmers market. Arctic series nectarines. Biting into a perfect flavor king.

For pluots - I like Emerald Drop, Flavor grenade. I also love all the red flesh pluots/Pluerry - FK, FS, CHP

Cambridge gage plums are one of my favorite euro plums.

Prime Ark Traveler and Freedom blackberries.

Another classic - Bing and Rainier cherries.


I was at Apricots tasting at Andy’s orchard last week and Anya Candycots were far and away the best tasting of around 15 varieties available there.

I was searching for Moorpark after @Stan’s review of his fruits, but they didn’t have any unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, the Blenheims and Bonnie Royals were great, but Anya Candycots were sooo much better. My huge disappointments were Honey Kist and Honey Blaze nectarines! After reading so much about them from @fruitnut, I was really excited to try them. They were pretty bland. I picked up a couple of the fruits at the end of the tasting and brought them home to measure the brix and they came at 13. No wonder! I am not sure what went wrong.


Too much water and too much crop load. They are not good at 13 brix. Apparently Andy doesn’t know how to grow them.


We had a Honey Kist planted in a 25 gallon container last October. It has about a dozen fruits this year. They are so good both when crunchy or soft that we want another tree. Bay Lauren doesn’t carry any of the Honey series so we will probably get it the next time we go up north.


If you go to the Campbell downtown farmers market on Sundays - you can taste all the Honey varieties and many others there. You can try samples at all the stores before you buy. Rojas and stack house bros have the sweetest fruits. kashiwase is organic and fruit here is great quality most times but sometimes like Andy’s it tastes bland/watered down.


Great tip! I’ll try them soon


Any idea where I can get an Anya Candycot tree?

Edit. Oops. Newbie post. I just finished reading the whole thread. Looks like I’ll have to wait awhile. I’ll definitely try to check these out though.


Maybe I need to befriend him and send him chocolate and rare figs to soften him up and get scion. :joy:


I went to the Campbell downtown farmers market last sunday. I could only spot kashiwase and stackhouse bros. You were right about kashiwase - they did have HoneyRoyale but it was bland as opposed to the Arctic series they were also selling. Stackhouse bros did sell a low-acid, yellow nectarine but the guy didn’t know the name of the variety. I don’t know enough to identify the honey nectarine varieties, but here is a pic

They were tasty with a surprising mango flavor, but the brix was around 16. I am still on the quest to find and taste mid-to-high 20 brix nectarines!


An update on those seed @Girly was kind enough to send. After a little over a month in the fridge, they’re starting to root out. I’ll give them a little bit longer and then will put them in tree pots. I’ll keep them outside for a month and then grow them under lights for the winter before planting them in the ground next spring. Pretty excited about these.


Coming along nicely.


Do you think it will be cold hardy enough for our zone?


I think the original seed for Anya came from the steppes of Asia. So I think there’s a good chance that some of them will do okay here. I just hope they’re not low-chill. That’s a death sentence around here.


I read about the breeder of Anya trying to find other orchards interested in growing it and they sent some I believe to Minnesota. As I recall from the article, Anya wasn’t cold hardy enough to survive on its own there, but it did fine grafted to other producing apricot trees.