Anyone have first hand knowledge about Specticle (Indaziflam)?

Our neighbors’ weed control company misapplied his pre-emergent (Specticle, 7.4% Indaziflam) to areas of our backyard, including an area where my wife grows cut flowers and herbs/greens/etc.

Does anyone have first hand knowledge about this herbicide, and what impacts we may expect to see, and for how long?

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“Pre-emergent Herbicide for the Control of Annual Grasses, Annual Sedges, and Annual Broadleaf Weeds in Warm Season Turfgrass, Landscape Ornamentals, and Hardscapes”

“Specticle Flo does not control plants emerging from tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, corms, existing rootstocks, and
woody vegetation.”

Specticle Flo Herbicide.pdf (1.0 MB)