Anyone know where one might get scion wood for these


High altitude black apples, aka black diamond.


If they are anything like black / blue strawberries I would set my expectations for it to be at best a very dark-red apple and not so much bluish-purple. That article also seems very click-baity and the photos are suspiciously dark and low quality.

I’m sure they are still unique, I just highly doubt the photos they use are an accurate representation. What ever you do don’t buy this scion wood on eBay.


I’m afraid you’ll have to make friends with someone in New Zealand.

It is a native to New Zealand and introduced to China, where it is planted at Tibet Nyingchi.

Furthermore, only 30% of mature black apples will reach a strict standard of color compliance. Hence, the total output of black apples is extremely low.

They will most likely be infused with black Tibetan color culture to achieve a brilliant black color.


What is black Tibetan culture?


I have no idea, in the article I read it sounded like they did something to make the apples turn black. Like dying them perhaps. Everything about these Black Diamond apples seems extremely fishy to me. The first article I read made it seem as though light and temperature made them turn purple. In the second article I read, it seemed as though they picked the darkest looking apples already, then infused them with something that made them turn darker.

There are dark skinned apples out there that CAN look almost black. Black Diamond probably tastes terrible and if you are looking for a dark skinned apple, you should turn your attention towards Black Oxford instead.

A Red Delicious Apple

Here is a sport of Red Delicious called Star King that is darker than those in America.

Here is a dark apple they call Nagano but I believe that is where it is grown, not it’s name.

Australia presented the Bravo – Apple with black skin


The Black Diamond apple looks like a black Delicious apple.