Anyone using an air fryer?

If so, which unit do you recommend? And why?

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Tefal Actifry absoltuly the best wings and fries

got our first one 75% off as a target return. After it died 5 years later we tried the other kinds and they just never worked well.


Funny you posted this…I am using my air fryer right now! I have a Dash 3 qt unit. Doing chicken thighs tonight (actually in the backyard - too hot inside the house). I am a total advocate for the air fryer.


I bought this one for home and it gets used nearly every day. My wife loves it and it got 4 1/2 stars from over 9500 people. That’s usually a good sign. It has proven to be very good

I bought this one for my camper. I’ve only used it once but the Flounder turned out very nice, juicy and good…

I bought it off of the Emerill sight though for $229.00 Free Shipping

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It seems that a number of air fryers have you heat up food in a plastic pan, or there are plastic parts that contact the food. Is it a huge deal? Maybe not. Is it something to avoid? Probably. This one seems to have less plastic:

I am a minimalist (except when it comes to collecting trees :wink:). I have had this question for a while - Why airfryer, why not just throw it in the regular home oven (much more space for larger quantities than air fryer)? If trying to cut down on oil use a silicone mat or parchment paper (easy cleanup too). Or use a convection oven like the Emerill one someone posted above? Dont the ovens make the air fryer redundant?

No. Totally different concept. Ive never had chicken that was oven baked that came out any where near air fried. The air fryer would replace a deep fryer though.
I have a nu wave oven, it does air frying, convection oven, and dehydrating, just depends on the settings you use. Its good, and i like that it is more than 1 appliance in a single unit.


An air fryer is just a heating coil and a fan same as a electric convection oven. Only difference is that it is faster since it smaller and therefore the hot air is concentrated on a smaller area.

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The pan and spindle are metal.

I have a cheap one ($59) and while the walls of the pan are plastic the bottom where the food sits is metal. Works very well but the size is small so only cooks for 2. It takes about 9 to 12 minutes to cook fish or chicken.

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That’s what the Emeril does. I did dehydrate onions in mine last week. Then put some frying on them and have some really good crispy onions…:grin: And the Emeril is all metal. No plastic at all

The air fryer somehow magically makes the food taste much better than what an oven can do. I didn’t believe it until I tried for myself. And it doesn’t heat up the house much at all. In the summer we put it on the porch and let it fill the neighborhood with fried chicken smell. I cook breakfast sausages in it several times a week…simpler than using a skillet.


We have been using Nuwave Infrared Oven for many years, and it’s absolutely the most used small appliance in our house. Bought an air fryer, and what it does is similar to Nuwave, but the air fryer is much smaller and much less convenient to use, so we returned it.

Air fryers are basically mini convection ovens. The movement created by the fan helps the heat become even, unlike a regular oven were the heat is stationary. Also preheating a regular oven takes about 15 minutes, an air fryer takes only a few minutes.


I love my Cosori 12-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Convection Roaster with Rotisserie. Makes the best rotisserie chicken ever!

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The Emeril unit looks like the winner so far. It could easily replace a stylish looking toaster that I’m not particularly fond of as a toaster.

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Funny you should say that. It replaced my Toaster Oven!!

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Does the food really taste like it’s fried in these things? I’ve never had food from one.

My Rotating Airfryer is the best ever at wings and fries. the rotating infuses the food with any flavor I put on it.

I love my old Nuwave and its current replacement some red thing with a glass bowl. I can roast chicken it quite well.

I dont love my multi function Toaster Oven convection roaster. While I managed to finaly cook a perfect roast chicken its had to deal with chickens under 4lb.
I do appreciate it for its toast function and it is superior at reheating food thanks to the convection. It has also served well as a dehydrator. It just doesn’t pass the chicken test.

Yes it does