Anyone with flower gardens?


The local “Daylily Lady” is going to be closing her garden to the public so I’ve been buying what I can from her, Daylillies and Hosta. I haven’t tried crossing any of them, but would love to try a few. The loosestrife is easily controlled by pulling back the roots each spring, but I can see it could get a way from you if not attended to. I may eventually pull it but it’s okay for now. The monarda has a very reduced footprint this year, I think because of the volunteer and spreading fern. I need to overhaul the entire round bed and then mulch. It’s one of two beds left to be mulched for the season.


I’ll send you some seeds if you’d like to try growing them. Just pm me if you would.



This was before the ferns took over


My wheelbarrow fell apart so I turned it into a sub irrigated flower growing station. Also love the miss huff lantanas we planted several years ago.



My Modern Marvel Hibiscus is putting out GIGANTIC flowers…Just beautiful



I took three cutting from my Midnight Marvel hardy hibiscus and attempted to root them…

2/3 isn’t bad

I also visited a local lake where wild rose mallows live along the banks. (these are the wild progenitors of our hardy hibiscus plants)


Planted Rubeckia 15 yrs ago and they have been seeding themselves ever since in mixed colors, flower size and plant growth.