Apfel 'Kaiserin Elisabeth A New Best Storing Apple

Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions? Sources?

I have inquired and it is currently only available to commercial growers. The long storage is interesting to me also they mention that they are good to eat fresh or after long storage.

Other long (5-6 months in cellar) storage apples I have and think of which could also be a clear digression in this thread are. Eisenapfel, RiesenBoiken, WinterGlocken, Hanfu, Ontario.


I wish the page was converted to English. It is a very pretty apple.

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It did not convert the day it was originally posted. It converts now. Thank you. Very pretty apple.

Pink Lady is one of the world’s most beautiful apples (especially when festooning a tree) and tasty. It keeps for almost a year in refrigeration. It’s also grower friendly in many locations. The Barnsby strain consistently ripens early enough in Z6 in my southern NY state region. Top 10 apple on my list, for sure, maybe top 3, just because it stores so well. It doesn’t tend to wrinkle up like Goldrush and isn’t such a magnet for sooty blotch and fly speck. Late apples can get pretty ugly here.

If an apple isn’t available for you to purchase, why torture yourself?


I had no feeling of self torture, just joy to learn of new apples people are breeding, and figured i could ask around what people think of it and ask around to some nurseries and people if they can obtain it.

Also I like to just open up a broader topic like that I guess. Thanks for your opinion on Pink Lady!

Well, I find these new club varieties somewhat aggravating, although I understand that breeders need to make their money, but most of the new varieties are not available to home growers and if we can’t grow them what is the point in talking about them in the fruit growing section? I’m not faulting anyone for doing so, just saying that in my opinion it isn’t a fruit growing topic until it’s available to grow.

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