Apple disease help

Can someone please identify what is wrong with my apple trees? They were planted last spring, this spring I noticed many were leaning due to borers chewing a lot of the roots (how do I prevent this in the future?) but I stood them up again.

I had to leave for a summer job so I only had time to get one spray of Pristine in, around petal fall, usually I do 3 sprays in the season. I had to leave before the other spring spray dates. I am not home until August to monitor the problem! I am not sure if this is fireblight or rust or some other issue. I was only
given photos from a relative who is watering for me until I am back. Help!

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That looks like fireblight to me.

Agreed. This looks awfully similar to fire blight. Cut 12” below the infected branches and get rid of them. If it’s too much, you may have to remove. Also, make sure to clear up any fallen leaves.