Apple (fruit only) pictures from your backyard orchards, please

My biggest red delicious. 1.4 oz. Better than in some years. :blush:


That’s tiny! My Odysso is heavier than that.

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Are you sure that is not a crab apple :joy:

I didn’t prune this year and they are getting shaded by other varieties. Plus I’m not high on them, so they are getting lower priority when it comes to selective pruning.

My daughter is real into sour though, so if this ends up being more than just a phase, I may have to reconsider.

When do you harvest Karmijn, and are the seeds supposed to get near black?

Most fruit are late this year at my place to boot.

Don’t remember clearly. It’s a little early yet for mine, but I’ll take a look once they’re ripe.

My bad it was a nice size. I must have tared the scale wrong. That didn’t sound right. Here it was a week or so ago. I’ll reweigh tomorrow. The apple I ate was a smaller one.

It was as big as this pear I just picked. Which may also be a good bit heavier than shown.


Sounds to me like it’s time to get a pair of pruners that fit your daughter’s hand. :grinning: :rofl:

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Grossa di Trento


Love the russet on the latter! Like a splash of caramel on top that runs and drips over the sides.

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This variety is Italian. Grossa di Trento it’s a good apple. White soft flesh, sweet and really big apples… :yum:

First year of fruit for Dayton. Really impressed by the size. The top apple is 12.5 ounces. Good flavor as well.


1 pound Blue Pearmain


I’ve wanted to taste that apple for a long time. Planted it about 1993 and then killed it a couple years later burning sedge grass.

That’s a mighty fine looking apple.

*So is the Dayton apple…an apple grown extensively in Ohio 40+ years ago.


That is a big apple. How did it taste?
Most of my apples this year have been small including Honey Crisp.

Haven’t eaten that one yet :wink:
I like them best a week or three after picking.
BPM are generally mild yet richly flavored in what I think of as an antique kind of way, not like a modern dessert apples. Vinous vanilla fruit creme flavors They really excel as a baked apple since they are large and hold their shape well when cooked


Rubinette (it’s not… wrong labeled tree. Don’t know the right variety)

Rubinette Rosso (it’s not… wrong labeled tree. Don’t know the right variety)


I have 5 Airlie’s trees so if you’d like scion let me know, just remind me this winter. Perhaps you want to try the fruit first. Mine aren’t yet fruiting.

Me too

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You can grow lucy glo apples but you have to sign a farmgate agreement and pay a royalty for each tree.

The royalty is a dollar per tree each year after the third year of growing.