Apple tree discolored leaves in Northern Nevada

Hewes & Grainwinkle, newly planted in March. Ideas for what this is? Northern Nevada, no diseases usually to speak of.

Both Hewes and Granniwinkle have these type leaves on them ? There is an apple disease: Mosiac Virus. Perhaps that is what it is. I have a Honeycrisp apple tree that the leaves look like that. The reason they say causes the Honeycrisp leaves being mottled is: * The mottling is caused by the accumulation of large starch granules in the leaves that reduce photosynthesis" or so they say. It is supposed to only happen when the trees are young, such as yours, and say they grow out of it as the tree gets older. My Honeycrisp apple tree is 10 years old, not a young tree. I am going to take that Honeycrisp apple tree out since it is not being productive.
There is perhaps another soil deficient mineral. Maybe Iron Chlorosis.

Hewes and Grainwinkle (at bottom of photograph, but sort of hidden). Part of a grafted cider tree, purchased from Raintree.

Thank you. I’ll review that.

I’ve read Honeycrisp is very sensitive to nitrogen and potassium uptake from the rootstock.