Apple varieties perfect for Halloween

And with Halloween almost on us here are some spectacularly named apple varieties growing at our Hocking Hills Orchard!

Bloody Butcher - Ireland. Large red flushed yellow apples mainly used for cooking with firm juicy white flesh with a tart flavor. also popular with small scale cider makers for cider making with bittersweet juice.

Bloody Ploughman - Scotland, 1883. Large sized fruit used quite a bit for cider. Produces sweet cider and has pink stained flesh. Name taken from a ploughman who was caught stealing apples and shot by the gamekeeper. His wife got the apples he had stolen and threw them on a rubbish heap and a seedling appeared - this one.

Blood Delicious - Germany. New developed red fleshed variety.

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Derek A Mills

Hocking Hills Orchard at the Four Seasons Cabins located in the beautiful Hocking Hills of SE Ohio. Home to 1,600 varieties of apples and hundreds of other fruit varieties.Bloody%20Butcher%203 bloody%20ploughman Blood%20Delicious


How does it taste?


I had always liked the story and name of the Bloody Ploughman apple. I did not know it was a pink fleshed apple though. Thank you for displaying this apple. Looks beautiful.

I like them all although truth be told there are very few apples I do not like. I did have a young lady who has a YouTube channel and was talking about our orchard and bit into a Bloody Ploughman and said it tasted like cut grass! That cracked me up and I told her I have never heard anyone describe an apple that way before!

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