Apricots 2024

I must say, i am in love with my apricot trees. Finally a place where I can grow my favorite fruit. Tart on the way!!!


We’ve eaten all of ours (a half of your basket) and there are maybe 5 more left on Vesprima (but those are the firm flesh a.k.a.“nottherealthing” ones). I’ve already pulled out last year’s jam as my internal calendar says it’s apricot time.

I finally got my first Blenheim apricots this year! They are indeed very tasty. But I was expecting better given how they are touted as “the greatest”. I am also getting Florilege now and they are every bit as tasty as the Blenheim’s and are less mushy/mealy. My overall favorite so far this year has been NJ105, an experimental apricot that I don’t think they released. It has brix over 25 and loads of flavor, and they also stayed firm enough. The Ilonas were OK, a little watery and they didn’t like the heat and they had core breakdown. I had to dry them right after picking as they were instantly going bad.

So, this year its NJ105 and Florilege way ahead of the others so far.


Blenheim sadly are super rot magnets. I still have a few branches of them, but I grafted most of the trees over. It’s a California apricot and perhaps they taste better grown there.

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My apricots don’t even bother trying to bloom.

I am getting absolute zero rot this year. All my Surround sprays in the spring included Indar, plus either Merivon or Luna. Bang bang you’re dead, rot.


here in the states USA we cant get the Rouge de Roussillion, sounds like a great fruit tree to have, i grow three verities and my favorite is the Sugar pearls apricot, it’s a white flesh apricot and grows in USDA zone 5b and survives our late frost. Moorpark Apricot is also a good standard apricot that grows well in the northern cold region and the other i grow is Hunza and has not fruited yet, came out of Turkey from Rain Tree Nursery. From your description of “Rouge de Roussillion” i certainly would grow it if i could find it here in the states. thanks for the post. Sugar Pearls Apricot, 16 years old now.


Your trees sound great. Also, Turkey is known for their apricots. We get them here, but dried. They are excellent!

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Friday, Will post pics.

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The final product! One of them. Made two this morning!


Is it Apricots,butter and the crust?

that looks like good eating. you gave me an idea, the next apple pie we make, I’ll ask my wife to add some apricots to the mix. see how it turns out.

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Sugar on top and sprinkled on the crust. At the end, when it has cooled a bit brush on apricot jam. Kind of like lobster stuffed with lobster!


Hi Scott, where did you purchase Merivon from? Looks to me one of the most effective options for controlling fruit rots. Luna sensation similar, with same resistance mechanisms (Frac 7 and 11 for both). Wonder why you use two of such similar fungicides? Each one of them is pretty expensive. I intend to go with Merivon and captan next year, tank mixed. I think the captan lowers the risk of resistance development.

I think I got it on eBay.

I like alternating the same group as they are slightly different actions even if in same group. I never use the two in the same tank. But it is definitely not necessary. I think I will use it all at a reasonable rate but if not will sell some of it.


Have you read the MSDS on this? https://www.keystonepestsolutions.com/labels/Merivon_MSDS.pdf


As with all pesticides, one should wear appropriate personal protection. The biggest concern to me would be the high aquatic toxicity if I had an orchard close a pond or something like it. I think one should also consider the risks of not spraying and increasing the chance of ingesting rotting fruit (eg aflatoxin, a toxin produced by some molds is amongst the most cancerogenous substances known to us. A lot of organic growers rely on copper, which is neurotoxic and builds up in soil, killing eathworms.

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My Tomcot cracked and dropped before ripened. Rain probably caused the cracking but the drops? Oh, well.

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Can they still ripen on the counter?