Apriums in Zone 8b?

I am planning on getting an aprium this year. Apricots have a hard time ripening in our climate (Portland, Oregon), and disease pressure is tough, so I figured a little plum heritage would make it sturdier. There are two concerns. One is blossom time, and the other is taste. What inspired me to try an aprium was that at a local nursery I tasted an aprium from a potted plant. It was Flavor Delight, which was exceptional. But I am concerned about the bloom time. Summer Delight seems to bloom a month later making it easier in our climate. But from what I hear on the forum, SD has a lot of plum taste. I already have a plum tree. Don’t need more. Any experience with Flavor Delight in 8b? Has anyone tried both Flavor and Summer Delight and compared them?

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@Zortok, I had an Aprium in Vancouver WA avout 20 years ago. It grew great and the fruit was wonderful. I think the variety was “Cotton Candy?”. Then one spring there was a cold snap when it bloomed, which killed the entire tree. Might depend on which part of town you are in, as to protection from late frost.

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Cot-N-Candy is the only one I’m growing and didn’t get infected by Brown Rot Blossom Blight,like most of my Prunus.The size is still small,being in a 25 gallon grow bag,but produced fruit the last few years.

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How was the flavor? Do you get fruit every year?

The flavor is mild, but may be better in other places.There are better tasting Apricots.Yes, fruit every year, some more than others and the only Apricot to do so last year, because of the BRBB.

flavor delight was tested at mt vernon wa, wsu stone fruit trials, in the 90s when it came out. it did ok there, fruited something like one in four years? I have one on order this year but I’m intending to keep it in a pot and use my greenhouse for protection as needed. you can dig through their notes here:

mt vernon is somewhat drearier than portland but the same basic climate

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I’ve had a few Summer Delight. I thought they were wonderful. Tastes like an apricot and much better than Flavor Delight. But I haven’t had many. I’m hoping to get the small graft made into a whole tree of SD.

Fruitnut, you give me hope. LOL. I sent a note to OGW and asked them some questions. I am about ready to order my weird fruit for the season (Not all weird).

Hey z0r,

Thanks! I am taking a look. One difference between Mt. Vernon and Portland is the proximity to the Sound and PDX’s proximity to The Gorge. Basically, we have the same climate but PDX is more continental. Because of Puget Sound, most places in Western Washington are 5-10 degrees cooler then Portland in the summer. It can broil here. Mt. Vernon is also somewhat more sheltered from cold east winds (Some winds from the Frasier River valley I imagine). Here in Portlalnd we can get blasted by below 32 east winds in the winter. How this affects fruit is a whole different question…

I just talked to someone at the nursery who suggested that if I was worried about plum characteristics that Cot-N-Candy was a good choice and was reliable in this climate. True or not? With summer delight am I over worrying about this? which is better, Summer Delight or CNC?

I am in Seattle areas. Today 2.5th.23 just ordered Summer delight and Leah cot Aprium. Sounds more interesting than apricots which aren’t performing well here. 25% plum parentage hopefully will makes it differently. We never know the results until try it on our soil ourselves. How are your trees doing so far John ? Beside then that I testing on Flavor Punch Pluerry as well. Will find out in the next few years. Vincent @Zortok

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The reports on some apricots. Couldn’t see on Aprium?

I think it’s in a few reports, look at the overall stone fruit ones also

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I saw on Raintree information said so too. Anyway good ones to try on? Do you have any Aprium Michael? I like Summer delight because blooming late and good tasting quality . One of the reason Apricots do not set fruit well here is blooming too early in wet Spring.

I had flavor delight but I think I killed it with a sulfur spray last year, forgot to skip it. also have bella gold peacotum which is basically an apricot/aprium but it hasn’t done so great, I think I half killed it with sulfur. I’m interested in summer delight but waiting for a report as I’m out of space mostly

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I had a few Summer Delight aprium for several years. I thought it was fabulous. Much better than Flavor Delight, Cotton Candy, or most any other apricot or aprium I can think of. It’s in the same league as Orangered, my best apricot. My only hesitation was that the harvest was from a small graft that didn’t want to grow and thus only 6-10 fruit a year. I just planted a new tree. So I’ll know more in 3-4 yrs.


Hi Vincent,
It will be good to see how they do for you. When I moved here years ago I tried growing apricots but found that they suffered from borer attacks so I never got one to survive long enough to fruit. Peaches, plums and cherry seem to somehow be more resilient. I am thinking that the rootstock may have a lot to do with their resistance to disease more so than apricot. I have a Mericrest nectarine graft that is two years old on one of my peach rootstocks, so I think it may be a good test candidate. I may try to add an aprium graft if I can locate scions.
Kent, wa

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Hi @DennisD.
My niece’s neighbor in Kent has a big Apricot tree. Once time I tasted tree ripening apricot. They were super good, and the owner said his tree fruiting well once in about 20 years.
Every time I bought apricots from grocery store I couldn’t finish the 2nd fruit. It’s really boring so I need my own trees.
I planted Puget gold and Harlow varieties but both died in a couple years after planting. So I never pay attention about planting apricot again for a long time.
Recently I read the reports from @Bradybb. His Cot N Candy performed well and fruiting even still in 25 gallons growing bag in the green house. It’s so interesting to me and I would like to try on 2 varieties Summer delight and Leah cot.(1late bloom and ripening and 1 good choice for cooler climate areas) They’re Aprium not purely apricot. Hopefully 25% plum parents would make a difference. Let’s see what going on for their surviving. Vincent


@fruitnut read your review about Summer delight Aprium. That’s why I choose this variety. Thank you Steve.

So far Vincent I have only one graft that has any apricot lineage, it’s 25% apricot and 75% plum. My Dapple Dandy grafted onto a volunteer Prunus Americana rootstock. Maybe it will fruit next year when it will have two full seasons of growth. If it does well and does not get diseased, then I may add an Aprium or Plumcot graft next year.

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