Are these Stanley plums?

I got some prune plums from 3 different vendors at Saturday’s farmers market.

In pic:
Top: Vendor said that they are Stanley, but they are bigger than I remember most Stanleys. They also have an interesting pointed neck. Of the 3, they are the tastiest (most ripe maybe), juicy and 15-16 brix.
Middle: Another Stanley from another vendor. Smaller and firm, not all that ripe with 11-12 brix.
Bottom: Italian plum from 3rd vendor, which were also around 12 brix and not great. He said he would bring some Empress next week, which I look forward to.

Any thoughts on if the plums at the top of the pic could really be Stanley? If not, any suggestions on what it is?

Here’s a pic of it cut open (this one was 15 brix, the other was 16.5).

The skinny neck of the plum reminds me both of Quetsch and Epineuse. My Italian Prune plums are oval.

Possibly Long John. Brady

Thanks for the suggestions. My initial take was that Long John might be it. But, I did some more searching online and found a few pages which describe Stanley as having a “distinctive neck”. Maybe it is a Stanley. Which leaves me with the question of what the other plums are :smile: Maybe they are both Stanley’s and only some of them get the “distinctive neck”.