Ashmead's Kernel and Golden Russet


I meant to stop deer from eating foliage and for that you need to use the right sprays. I’ve never been able to protect fruit with spray. One year a couple decades ago I made a concoction with habanero seeds to keep squirrels from my peaches. It should have burned their tongues off, but it’s pretty hard to keep a starving animal from food.

Nets are great for stopping birds, but half the time squirrels will tear right through them. I baffle trees for them and coons.


My dogs chase the deer away, but just lay there and let the squirrels jump over them. I guess I need to train them to chase the tree rabbits too.



For reference, the top of that railing is 1" thick composite decking. The bigger one is a little wider than a tennis ball.


TY. Sometimes an apple looks huge and it is actually small and vice versa.


Hello Mike, curious to hear what other varieties you got to fruit this year.


This year I had the following apples. Some were first time they had actually produced fruit. Even if it was just one or two. At least I could taste them.
Northern Spy, Golden Supreme, Sunrise Fuji, Golden Delicious, Berlepsch, Wyooche Early, Reinette Zabergau, Parmer, Hollow Log, Honeycrisp, Calville Blanc d’ Hiver, Summer Rambo, Golden Russet, Roxberry Russet. Winter Banana, and Idared.
TY for asking about them.