Ashmeads Kernel imposter?

I can’t find the thread so I’m asking here. Did anyone find out what variety this apple was? I forget where I bought it from, but it was sold as Ashmeads, but I guess it isn’t. It’s ripe end of September, small apple, grows apples every year, its sweet, tart and juicy. Good for pies or out of hand snacking. It’s on B9 rootstock. Does really well in my Tall Spindle row. Needs very little pruning.


If I remember right, @alan has talked about an imposter Ashmead’s from Cummins that sounds exactly like what you described. Maybe it’s a sport of Ashmead’s that ripens earlier than the original.

Yes, but I’m not sure it’s an impostor and it is the apple photographed above. I have gotten the same apple from two different nurseries, I think, that called it Ash. Cummins and Trees of Antiquity.

I also have another type in one of the orchards I manage that I am not sure of the source of that has the same name but is a different apple with similar qualities but not a Russet.

I don’t know, but it looks really good and juicy. Please let me know if you find out where or what it’s from!

It’s a top apple. Right up there with Goldrush.

Is it possible for Ashmeads Kernel to fruit on last year wood? I grafted Ashmead Kernel last year and it grew well. This year I got flowers on last year growth. No spurs just flower buds on the branch like on peaches or plums. Does Ashmead Kernel do that or do I have something else?

I am interested to see which A.K. scion I bought from Burnt Ridge. I am grafting Ashmead’s and Goldrush to my Gala tree this weekend. It should be possible to set fruit from those flowers. I believe the spurs increase fruit set, but are not needed for fruit.

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That’s funny, I grafted a Burnt Ridge Ashmeads on a gala last year. It’s doing ok, but was not as vigorous as I hoped. Golden russet on the same tree was more vigorous. The gala is just babysitting until my rootstocks grow a bit.