Asian Pear odd growth

All right … got some good information about my plum problems.
Now I have this odd and scary thing on a couple of still young asian pears.
asian pear wtf
Had it on a few last year too.
What the heck is it, should I worry, can I prevent it?


Someone just posted his same issue. Quince rust.

Rust Diseases of Apples and Pears » Tree Fruit Diseases: Observations and Archives.


Spray with fungicide like myclobutanil (brand names like Immunox or Eagle).

You can check out this thread.
Pear blossom and fruit diease - #3 by clarkinks.


Thanks. I have Immunox.

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You may want to check the timing. Not sure if you should spray now or wait for next spring.

I just used Copper fungicide. Immunox didn’t list pears of any kind. The Copper did.

We don’t have that type of rust yet on my farm but many do have it. Would take a look on this thread Pear Rust