Ataulfo Mango in Northern California

Now going into its 6th summer grown from seed and its first ever fruit. Seems to be low branching and more like a large shrub to be than a tree here in Hayward in the east San Francisco bay. Summers in the 75-80f range. I’m in the city…warmer than official temps at HAYX right on the cool bay.
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Hi, Stan! That’s cool about your mangoes. I didn’t know you could grow them that far north. I can only dream here in New Hampshire.

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Ah! thanks!
Here some pics and I also have a taller older Manila next to it. OOP,only one pic for rookies!


Nice, it didn’t get taken by the cold weather here. They sprout well from seed but I can’t seem to get them to grow.

Are they in containers or grown in the ground? How cold do your winter nights get?

Thanks all.
The coldest since 2007 has been 30f. We’ve had quite a few 32F over the years. The last two years have been frost free.
They are in ground. The Manila since 2012. Its not the best producer in amounts. Fruit are sweet. This year might be a best year thanks to the lack of any frost or cold damage. I hope!


Nice tree, looks so promising. Btw, isnt ataulfo the same as manila?

Related,but not the same. Ataulfo is sweeter,with that solid yellow skin. The tree’s even grow different…Autalfo more rounded and low branching. Also,so far Ataulfo has been the more hardier tree. Comes through winter without the worn looking foliage. But,thats just comparing two plants together. Others might see different results.

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WOW, Ataulfo mangos aren’t even polyembryonic, right?

Yes. But I did plant three seeds,and only this one took off like a racehorse. The others faded away. One soon,the other outdoors. This one has had slowdowns once it went into the ground. About two years in a row in added only very short flushes…like 2" or 3" inch. After that,it took off. This is its first year to bloom. Looking forward to see what happens.
One thing I can’t explain at all is why the panicles on higher branches are long,and a few on lower branches are fist like? So,to see if the fruit are the same. Most likely they will ripen in September on average.


Where are you?

Ataulfos are supposedly polyembryonic, but this is just me basing it on manila-type mangos.

I’m in Los Gatos bordering Saratoga and Campbell. More than the cold I think they hate being transplanted, even with minimal disruption. They germinate in my compost and I pot them, or put them in ground. I think I have about 3 of the fifteen or so I germinated still alive. They survive in the shade, but only put leaves out when it’s hot and sunny. They burn in the direct sun… odd.

My uncle bought a mango orchard few years ago and those darned things absolutely love intense sun. They are almost like weeds.

Here’s a three year old that’s in ground and still alive not doing much.

Most recent transplant death, roots were fully intact (or so I think) when moved. Still died almost right away…

Here’s a potted one, with volunteer tomatoes growing from compost.


Growing them as seedlings and in direct sun should harden them as youngsters. Growing them in shade then situating them in a hot sunny spot may result in leaf damage as foliage grown under shade is a bit different from those that were exposed to blazing sun at the leaf bud stage. Mangos will need a lot of sun to produce fruits

Too dry. Plus- this is the law on them. Hottest sun. Even reflected off a hot wall…if anything,thats better. WATER DEEP. Build a well around them…for small seedlings fill and let sink in.
They are only dying on you from lack of water. Seedling Mangoes should- but not always- be easier to grow than grafted plants.
For the Bay Area? Try Baileys Marvel, Glenn,Valencia Pride. All of them are larger fruit that the Asians and the tree’s have a better record in mild summer areas. Baileys Marvel is a fast grower,Valenica Pride also.
Manila is very good here too. What Home Depot has right about now for $25

Very true. Mangoes bought growing under shade cloth should NEVER be planted in full sun when you get home…acclimate them to sun and eventually hottest sun.
Compost piles have warm soils…so the whole shock of that and full sun…lack of water is slowing you down Fruit fruit.

I should have said yes,they grow true. The Manila from 2 weeks ago or so.
About 12’.


Those blooms are oozing with optimism, keep us posted!

Heartening to see such success in the bay. Motivates me to take better care of the little ones. Looks like I had a negative bias against them working out here.


This is from yesterday. The Ataulfo with pea sized fruits and the larger Manila in back the size of pecans- about.