AU Golden Kiwi update

Do you by any chance propagate the AU golden cultivars? They no longer sell them since Covid.

I was also wondering if fuzzy kiwis picked early can be ripened in a root cellar since I don’t have that much fridge space.

The AU cultivars are patented. I’m generally OK with sharing cuttings for trial if something is patented and there is no source though. You would need to graft or root them.

I think a root cellar would work to ripen fuzzy kiwis. I use a fridge because that is what I have but they would just ripen a little faster in a cellar I would guess. I just finished my last Soreli and El Dorado a couple days ago. They were past their prime but still tasty.


I sent a message to Jay Spiers to make sure his comment to contact Agristarts wasnt just an off hand joke. this was the reply

Hi Carroll,

Got sidetracked with a conference and forgot to respond. Sorry. Good to know about your gardening forum. I’ll definitely check it out.

I’m not joking about calling/emailing Agristarts. The person to order from or communicate with is Ty Strode, ; 407-889-8055. They do not have a license for propagating these plants quite yet, but have been giving indication they will for quite some time (6 months to a year). I’m guessing they are dragging their feet partly because they do not know of the demand, and I think communicating with them would help.

There are a couple of other nurseries that I think will get licensed for propagating AU kiwi soon (it will be non-exclusive license, so any reputable nursery could be licensed), but no one has finished the process currently (so no plants available for sale…and in danger of no plants available for sale next year if we get into summer without anyone propagating). I might propagate some myself for local sales, but do not want to get involved with shipping plants. I think AgriStarts would be great at disseminating plants and getting people to try them, and us learning more about performance in various regions…so I’m hoping they get on board soon.

Hope this answers your questions and thanks for your interest. I have attached a flyer with some information, particularly for nurseries interested in licensing.



James D. Spiers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Dept. of Horticulture

111 Funchess Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849

Mobile: 334-728-1888

Office: 334-844-3087


@Blake Hey as a grower do you think you might want to trial the AU Golden Kiwi Series? You would have a least a few buyers from the forum here as customers for sure.

Our climate zone is USDA 6b which is too cold for fuzzy kiwi production. If I could get cuttings I could propagate in our nursery and sell plants. But I could not grow the vines here.

@Blake , check out my recent thread on fuzzy kiwi. You probably could grow them. Potted material would need a hoop house or something.

I’m in 6b upstate NY and my golden male survived with no dieback and no protection in a very exposed area, and is at the top of my trellis by the second year. The females died from lack of water unfortunately so I won’t get fruit. Looking to buy these plants too.

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Possibly Next spring.
Thats the only update for now.

I just did a google search for Auburn Kiwi and found a pdf where they mention they are searching for growers and nurseries to sell their Golden Kiwi.Gold-Green-Kiwi-Fruit-Cultivars-IAC-Flyer.pdf (914.8 KB)

From the article you referenced, I see that they state: “Preorders are being taken for tissue culture starts available in late 2022 or spring 2023.” Hmmm. Might have quite a few takers here!! Will try to contact to see what’s what.

We actually know the skinny on the tissue cultures. It wasn’t exactly a done deal but looks to be on track from the feed back I got


Even if someone on the forum doesn’t directly order from Agristarts, their propagating these should make more available. My local garden center chain has Jenny kiwi, presumably from Agristarts.

This is the reply I got from Ty Strode at Agristarts.
Those interested might want to be on their preorder list.

"Good Morning Chris,

Thanks for you email. Yes we will be working with the Golden Kiwis in the near future. We have all the agreements in place and we are now waiting on UofA to send us down some stock material to get started.

I’ve copied in Reilly Brooks, she is keeping a list of people who are interested & as we get a little further down the line we can start following up and lining up preorders. She will get you on the list!"



Ty Strode


p: 407.889.8055 ext. 203

1728 Kelly Park Rd | Apopka FL 32712

Agristarts signature.jpg


Which Male cultivar do you have? I need a Male, I have Yellow Bliss female.

Hi, unfortunately my male died back to the ground this winter along with a lot of my peaches. I think wind desiccation did it, we have some severe winter storms with high winds and it was very exposed.

Ty Strode ain’t gonna get any plant material from UofA… they don’t do agriculture or horticulture. Florida man oughta know better…
As a second-generation Auburn native and third-generation Auburn University graduate (the Bammers call us Barners), I’m disturbed (tic) that he doesn’t know the difference… lol.

Any updates on this. I could really use some sticks next year for topworking.

My AU gold kiwi (golden dragon) survived the winter and is growing well – finally!
But no flowers yet.
Its male counterpart (CK3 aka meteor) has flowered profusely. Hopefully I will get flowers from the female next year.
It might be a winner for very short/very cool season growers like those in the PNW. My friend Kiwibob has successfully got high brix fruit from Hong Yang (red eyed golden kiwi) which is a bit later than Golden Dragon.


One Green World will be carrying the AU gold varieties in the near future.


Aw dang, I gotta find room for another trellis now.