Australian Green Mulberry

It has taken and already fruiting. Grafted to White Mulberry it failed. Grafted to blue Mulberry, it took! The Australian Green Mulberry is also compatible with the Everbearing Mulberry. Here’s the pic of my multigrafted Mulberry.

Australian Green

The others…


I’m not familiar with the Australian Green Mulberry. How hardy are they?

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I’m sure they’ll be great in our 9b zone. I don’t know how hardy they’ll be. I am speculating not as hardy because it is from Australia where they have fewer agricultural areas of lower USDA zones.

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How did the ripe fruit look like? I couldn’t find much info on this variety.

My potted Austrian Green


Is this similar to the white Pakistan? or even the same?

the fruits remain green when ripe

The white Pakistan is greenish yellow when ripe. I wonder if it is the same variety as the Australian. It looks pretty much the same to me.

What is a blue mulberry?

I will be receiving some scionwood of this variety soon.
Is it compatible with Russian Mulberry rootstock? I assume it is but just checking.

I grafted mine to random seedlings and all took. I think in my area these seedlings either M. Alba or More. Rubra

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I think its the same…
Australian green mulberry / white pakistan mulberry and Saharanpur mulberry i believe are all the same

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