Baby Red jujubes updated

Some of you may remember the earlier photos of Baby Red jujubes. They are finally mature. I thought they might mature quickly but they do not. There really is no good visual clue as to when the fruit is mature. The color is constant when they get larger and I tried quite few fruits along the way that I thought might be ripe but they never were. Finally in the last week they have matured and they are excellent, one of the best jujubes I have eaten this year.

What the immature fruits looked like -



What type are they?

The fruits size looked small but if they tasted good then I am good with that. How juicy and crunchy are they compare to Honey Jar or Sugarcane?


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Baby Red

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They are totally different than Honey Jar and Sugarcane. The texture is different and the flavor is different.They are lighter in texture. They have a small amount of acidity. At their peak they are better than either Sugarcane or Honey Jar. But it’s hard to pick them at their peak.


Here is one
my 2nd year HoneyJar seedling. Looking somewhat like the parent.


The real Honey Jar fruits are freezing for later use. Still got a few more gallon ziplock bags to go.


I just have a few small jujubes this year and i harvested them before the coming frost. Would you counter ripen these (They are definitely not ripe)

They will not ripen.

Dang, the tree was starting to lose its leaves and i wanted to encourage dormancy and we have a few hard frosts coming in a few days. Is there anything good to do with unripe fruits (I have four) and would like to try and use them.

Jujube fruits will dry and shrivel up if left alone. In China they eat more dried jujubes than fresh jujubes.


How do jujubes take freezing? Do they come out in a state that is still good for fresh eating, or do they turn to mush after defrosting?

Sweetness and taste remained close to fresh eating but not crunchy but firm texture.


When I moved this year I left behind many potted jujubes, but I did bring Baby Red with me -


So cool… :heart:

Does anyone know if Baby Reds have viable seeds inside?

I’ll wait to hear your review of it. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

I don’t know if it has viable seeds.

Check out the first post in this thread.

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Great combination of look and taste.

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