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Those are beautiful pears.


Thanks! They are really good! Juicy, very sweet and early! :grin:

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@mrsg47 , @clarkinks , @Luisport thank you. Nice to see different pears.


I have another mislabeled pear. It was sent to be as a Euro pear but it is an Asian. I forgot about it until today, 11/5/22. It was not overripe. It is a small/medium size pear with some russeting. It is crunchy, sweet, juicy (with a bit of tartness to it) and a pleasant aroma.

@tonyOmahaz5 , @PharmerDrewee , et al, any guess?


Here are other angles of this pear. They were in nylon sox and suffered from some sooty blotch, I think.

Love to know the name.

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Could they be yakumo? I’ve only read about them i dont grow them. They are always out when i order them. @Seattlefigs do they look like yours? They look different enough i think its not as likely as i hoped for.
Yakumo asian pear

i can only tell from the flavor shape seems to be similar to my yakumo pear. sorry i dont know too much to id 100%.

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@Seattlefigs and @clarkinks
Thanks for your replies.

My and @Seattlefigs’s pears do look similar. I have never heard of this Yakumo pear before. Saw in the Fedco website that it is one of the parent of Hosui.

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This is apple time, late ripening apples to be specific.

Gold Rush. Due to very sunny and hot summer this year, it has helped my Gold Rush to color up much better than a typical year. This coming week will be below 30 at night so I picked most today and left greener ones on the tree.

@galinas Did you picked yours earlier this month or you left them for the owner?


I picked them green and they are no competitors to your apples!

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Some years I had to pick them quite green, too.
The light green ones can turn yellow in storage. Those will taste fine. The ones that won’t turn yellow, won’t taste good.

I have other varieties that are late like Pink Lady and Fuji. I will wait until forecast of 28 F or lower, before I pick them.

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I am afraid I killed my crop anyway. I placed them in cooler and under the deck(most shaded location) and the water from rain got in, they’ve been floating in water for few days(

You never know. Gold Rush is a dense-fleshed apple. It is tougher than it looks. Good luck.

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I took my “Fondante de Moullins-Lille” (in quotation as I am not 100% certain of the variety). They were pale yellow when being stored. Now they turned mellow yellow.

Left them on the counter for 3- 4 days before eating them. The texture was smooth and tasted sweet, not as sweet as Harrow Sweet. Skin was astringent so I peeled it off. The peeled pears tasted very nice.

It is nice to have a few Euro pears lasting until Thanksgiving. My Asian pears last a lot longer.


These Gold Rush were picked on 11/13 ahead of this current cold blast.

As you can see, the ones on the left were quite green. The ones on the right still have a lot of green (not shown in the pic). This is a typical stage of Gold Rush in my orchard that has frustrated me every year.


Usually, by Thanksgiving, all the fruit were picked and there were nights that temp was in the teen. Not yet this year.

My late apples are still hanging, one Fuji, half a dozen Gold Rush and Pink Lady. This year with our summer drought, one spray against Marrsonina Leaf blotch was all I needed.

Leaves on Gold Rush and Pink Lady are still very green and relatively healthy on 11/26/22.


Helpful to know about the crinkly petals on Pomme Gris! Our tree that I thought was Pomme Gris turned out to be something else. (Still a pretty nice apple but definitely not Pomme Gris: minimal russet and snow white flesh rather than yellow.) It’s possible that the actual Pomme Gris is still out there in our yard somewhere - I’ll be keeping an eye out for crinkly petals in the spring.

My Pomme Gris apples this year were small. Most apples did not grow in size during the summer drought but grew to their regular after lot of rain in early fall.

By then, it may have been too late for some varieties. Pomme Gris was one of them. Rubinette was another. They were smaller than usual.

I have several varieties that either mislabeled or tags were lost.


We had the same summer weather, and the same thing happened with our Korean Giant pears, which were definitely not giant, though they were tasty. (It was the first year that the tree fruited, so that may have had something to do with it, too.)

Apart from the not-Pomme Gris, animals took most of our other apples well before they were ripe, so it’s hard to tell how well they would have sized up. Most did seem to be on the smaller side, though.

For the most part, Korean Giants only got to medium size despite serious thinning. Other Asian pears were smaller than usual, too.

I think the drought contributed to animals going after my fruit esp Asian pears (sweet and high water content) in a record number this year. Squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, birds during the day and raccoons and opossums during the night.