Yakumo asian pear

I havent heard too much about this variety so i decided to grow it myself to review it. It is quite similar to 20th Century Asian Pear aka Nijisseiki. Except for the fruit shape its not rounded. An interesting shape for asian pear has a taper neck. since this is the first year fruit it shape will be better once the tree matures. Flavor very similar. It is quite productive. First first year fruiting it does better than my Nijisseiki. A good tasting pear!


Nice. How about the fruit size? My 20th century tends to run on a small size.

Where did you get your tree from?


the fruit size is similar with 20th century. just looks a little larger since its longer shape and not rounded. i bought online. you are google it. i think onegreenworld sells it.

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@Seattlefigs Any more reports on the Yakumo? Going to graft some and was just wondering how it was performing?

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My graft is pretty low vigor. Does Yakumo bloom especially early? I’m trying to remember why I chose it. Seuri Li blooms before everything else I have so I think I may have gotten it in hope of bloom overlap.

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I was interested in it because it has a flavor described as melon like. I love the typical flavor in Asian pears, but wanted something to change things up a bit.

I cannot find any bloom time info. I have Yoinashi, which blooms before Hosui, Shinsui, Shinko and 20th. That might work for you, and it’s very vigorous.

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I think Yoinashi is the other one I added at the same time. One of them I put on and OHXF cross and direct planted in the orchard and it really isn’t growing. I also grafted both to my Hosui tree, on the NW side but stiill where it get sun.

Having a distinct flavor is kind of interesting, but I confess that melon (I’m thinking cantaloupe or honeydew) doesn’t sound great to me in a pear. It makes me think the flavor will be weak perhaps.


Yeah probably pretty weak, especially since it says honeydew.

Murky, I’ve been looking to get Seuri Li. What is it hitting on and when does it ripen. Seems like I read somewhere you called it Juicy Fruit gum taste.

It did say that about Juicy Fruit gum (my memories of if from long back, I haven’t had the pears and the gum side by side). Mine is quite vigorous and, in spite of flowering pretty well, for a couple of years, has set very few fruit so far. Last year none of my pears produced though.

I’m not sure what you mean by “what is it hitting on”. I also don’t recall when it ripens, but I think perhaps later than Chojuro.

At the germplasm repository in Corvallis, perhaps in October I think, they were overripe the year I sought them out and tried it. They may have more than one tree of it. It’s been a while

But it is my earliest blooming pear.

That doesn’t sound good. Asians come out the box breaking branches. Maybe I’ll throw it on a frankentree to try it out first. It’s in the ripening zone that I need though (between chojuro and KG).

It is on the South side of a multigraft tree and relatively high, so that could also be affecting the vigor.

Shinko may also be in that window. Can’t tell you for sure until next year though.

i gave the tree to a friend to me it tasted similar to 20th century. except the fruit looked a little more oval instead of round shape. not much difference.


Was walking around looking at my 4 year old multi-grafted Asian pear tree.

I had forgotten that I grafted Yakumo. The graft growth is at 50 inches, comparable to Korean Giant, Hosui, and Raja grafts all done this march. Got the scions all from Fuitwood Nursery

I’m always impressed at how big the caliper of first year growth is on pear trees. Of course it makes sense considering how heavy the fruit it has to carry is…

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They may be starting to ripen now. I just brought another one in to try. Some of the damaged ones have been getting sweet and juicy. Definitely significantly later than Hosui and Chojuro, seems ahead of Korean Giant.

Also, this year’s weather was pretty unusual.