Bacterial spot or Scab?

It’s old age :wink:

Seriously I’ve not seen anything quite like that. Interested in hearing someone else’s diagnosis. What variety is that?

Top is 5B, bottom is Saturn

Sean, that doesn’t make sense to me. We’re half done with 5B. Here’s Saturn from my pickup window.

Here’s 5B we’ve already picked hard. Sorry peach this year.

Wow. My 5B aren’t any bigger than apricots in finding in my local SM right now. Sure aren’t “peach” size to me. I was wondering when they were supposed to size up. I have them about every 6+ inches. Some are larger, but no where near the size it looks like you have. My Saturns are still tiny, even though they too are thinned.

But back on point, you’re not sure what these black spots, areas, etc are from? We just had a whole night of down pour a few days ago. Started raining really heavy around 8-9 and didn’t stop until the next mid morning. I go out today to inspect and see a ton of my peaches looking like that.

You’re also in Zone 6, right? I’m in 5… so maybe I’m about 1 month behind? I’m hoping my peaches get a chance to size up. If not… ugh…

Well, I’ve no idea what the white stuff is, unless you sprayed it w/ surround or something. My guess is the dark spots are scab. Scab and spot are hard to tell apart. Generally scab doesn’t affect leaves, but spot affects both leaves and fruit.

I’ve also found spot tends to cause peaches to ooze a little bit at the infection dots. The more I think about it, I think you are dealing w/ scab (assuming the white stuff has some explanation).

It looks like mummy berry! Some fungus no doubt. Branches look to have fungal spores. Almost like a powdery mildew on top of scab. Peaches can get powdery mildew. Usually All seasons oil is used for powdery mildew on peaches, or some form of oil. Probably other treatments too. I never seen it myself.Well not on peaches. Saw it one year on lilacs (last year). Like other fungi though once there, good luck! Best treat with oil while dormant to get all spores off the tree. The best would be with lime-sulfur and oil while dormant.

The black dots I would guess are peach scab. They are smaller than peach scab spots on my peaches but the uniform size and color points to peach scab. This stage of growth is also when they show up first.

I am pretty sure his white stuff is Surround… I recall commenting that he did a much better job than I of getting surround to stick to the peaches.

Yes all, it’s surround. Sorry i didn’t clarify that in the beginning. But what I’m worried about is the large amounts of black dots, and even some areas it is a uniform black. The uniform black is mostly on my Saturn with the spots being mainly on my 5B.

Good luck with it Sean! Keep us updated.

Sean, what did you spray for diseases? My peaches get a lot of that if I am not putting on regular disease sprays. I probably did three sulphur and two Serenade/oil sprays this year so far (all mixed in with Surround).

No sulphur, but i did do 2 sprays of Serenade.

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Ah. Use sulphur next year, in particular from dime to nickel sized fruits.

Here is what Serenade is labeled for on stone fruits:

Powdery Mildew
Sphaerotheca parnnosa Podosphaera clandestine Podosphaera spp.
Bacterial Canker Pseudomonas spp.
Brown Rot Blossom Blight
Monolinia laxa
Fruit Brown Rot suppression
Monilinia fruiticola
Gray Mold
Botrytis cinerea
Bacterial Leaf Spot/Bacterial Spot ° Xanthomonas arboricola

Basically everything but scab.

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Definitely looks like scab to me.


Just thinking back, i don’t think you had a vendor listed for sulphur. I can’t remember 100%, but something about it not being sold do to possibly enviromental issues or something?? You had a way i believe to make your own i thought. Is there a vendor that makes it, or do i need to research on a DIY solution?

Bonide makes a micronized sulfur fungicide product that can be used as a spray. Not sure if lowes or home Depot carries it. But I bet Earle May does.

Lime-sulfur aka calcium polysulfide is hard to get because of the high toxicity of hydrogen sulfide that could be released due to improper handling.

For what it it worth, I am not having scab issues on my Redhaven and I did include the bonide sulfur in all my sprays with surround until we heated up to >85F regularly.

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Right, as Levers pointed out it is lime-sulphur that is getting harder to find. That said, I just noticed 7 springs has 2.5 gallon jugs of it now –

Either liquid sulphur or dry flowable sulphur should work for you. Here is one dry flowable, its a many years supply. I have a similar bag of dry flowable that I have been dipping in to for about ten years now.

Bonide used to sell liquid stuff but now I see they have dry product which sounds like what Levers is mentioning:

Thats probably the best way to go.