Bee Keeping Supplies

Ripped whole sale from @Fusion_power

Beekeeping Supplies & Equipment | Dadant & Sons 1863

Quality Beekeeping Supplies l Dadant & Sons 1863

Visit Dadant for Beekeeping Supplies. We’re America’s oldest & largest manufacturer of beekeeping supplies. Quality since 1863. Shop now! Rossman specializes in cypress woodenware take a look at the mini-nucs

Capital Bee Supply

Capital Bee Supply

Visit the post for more. a branch of Brushy Mountain


GloryBee | Beekeeping Supplies - Beekeeping Equipment - Glory Bee

GloryBee has all of the professional beekeeping supplies and beekeeping equipment you need for your honey hobby or business at affordable prices.

Store Location and Hours | NECTAR BEE SUPPLY at SHONNARD'S in Corvalis OR

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I see Lapp’s Bee Supply is missing…from near Portage Wisconsin. I was there and bought some stuff in person in October 1994.

Most of those other names were there 25 years ago. I used to visit Walter T Kelly Co. about the time Mr. Kelly passed. (By the way, beeswax burns mighty hot… I had just posted on TheCityman and his fire tragedy.)

Wow, what a line-up! I happened upon a bee keeper’s card posted on a wall in a diner we ate at. She is only 15 min away and I reserved some nuc for the spring. I felt really fortunate to see that card!


So, how’s your first year beekeeping go?

I used to do bees…probably should acquire a couple hives again.


Old post responded by accident

But an interesting topic!

Another hobby I don’t need. :wink:

Great information. There is a place that sells bees and hives about an hour away from me. I will get their website information once I contact them. They are located in Ohio and he does a very good job with his bees and is very careful about what bees he sends out. He is a careful breeder and watches the problem with diseases more than a lot of the other ones I know.


Company name? Website? More info please. Thanks :slight_smile:

A follow up on the bee supplier I mentioned earlier. He does not have a website. He is trying to stay small. He has over 100 hives. He only does local pickup, unfortunately.
i had to conform from him today to see if it would be okay to post his information here.
He does sell bees but he just sold his last batch today before I talked with him.
I will post his information in case someone is interested and close enough to drive to pick up his products. He is a very nice guy and has a lot of great knowledge about beekeeping.
He normally goes to the local festivals and gatherings. This is where he can put up his displays and sell his honey. He then offers the supplies he carries for local pickup. I would imagine the shipping on a complete hive would be very expensive. I can see why he offers only local pickup. He does had his hives built by the Amish. He likes the quality of the products they build for him.


For anyone interested in a possibly lower cost option to enter the hobby, here is one.


I really enjoyed this video.