Best Brother-In-Law Ever!

So, I discovered recently that my brother-in-law and I are both ARS fans, so we discussed and compared our tools. I told him I was looking for some LP-40 loppers, but could not find them in the USA.
Today, a birthday present showed up at the house. Turns out that his brother lives in Germany and sent this pair. So cool!


That’s awesome, congrats. ARS makes great tools. I’ve tried a few other hand pruners over the years (including Opinel this season) but ARS has been the best.


Wow! How cool is that?!? Congratulations and enjoy your day (or I hope you enjoyed your day). :slight_smile:

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Hey, it’s me, your other brother in law. Can I get one?


Right!? :grinning:

ARS… I love me some Atlanta Rhythm Section, too!


This is just what popped into my head when I read ARS fans! Except Georgia Rhythm was playing.

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That’s a great birthday present! If anyone else is wanting to get them it can be done ARS ARSLP-40 - Loppers - 2garden . Found this thread because I’ve been looking for good loppers! The 30s looks to small. I’m still looking for the best choice but these are likely the way to go.

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