Best carrots for deep containers?

I don’t know, why I still plant carrots. I already know I can’t grow them in the ground due to root knot nematode. I already know that even in self watering containers at least 18 inches deep they grow hairy and uneven… They eventually size up, and I use them in my canning, but fresh - not so much. Only dogs enjoy them. Our spring is usually late (or missed all together) and summer starts early enough and hot right away, so poor first crop seeds after spending a month in a cold soil (even in container) get right under 80 plus degrees… Second crop starts under same heat and pops up quickly, then dries out one by one even under shade fabric. What left gets to the cool fall, but still didn’t get that sweet taste and still hairy.
Now is my question :grinning::grinning::grinning::
What is in your opinion best carrot type to grow in container?( I only care about full size, not radish like short ones.)
And second question - is maniac obsession to grow that strait, orange, juicy, sweet carrot is treatable? :grin:


Isn’t hairy roots on carrots caused by excess nitrogen?

I’ve had okay results with Danvers type carrots in containers, but they took longer to grow due to me not thinning the plants. I’m going to be trying some Japanese “extra long” and a Kyoto Red carrot this year.

There’s that Oxheart variety that appears to be a ginormous radish shape. It looks like a good keeper type.

I’m obsessed with carrots, but that’s probably because I can eat about a 1-2 pounds a week and grocery store “baby” carrots are kinda meh. Apparently, giant carrots are a thing in Britain - here’s a link to website discussing soil amendments and growing techniques.


Very interesting article, thanks!

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