Best crabapple for Seattle

I have limited real estate in Seattle. I would like to grow a crabapple.

What would be the best crab apple in terms of flower color (pink would be nice), fruit and fall color? I know i might be asking for the impossible, but was wondering.


I grew Centennial (from Raintree) for many years. Scab resistant, tolerant of wet winter soil, showy bloomer, sweet-tasting, one-bite crabapples. Needs a pollenizer but there are probably other apples in your neighborhood.
I have too many other apples, so I took it out. But as an ornamental, giving you one sweet apple bite, it’s a winner.


Wickson is one of the best crabapple I’ve tasted.

I tasted another great one in federal way but it was unmarked and I did not collect scionwood.


ive heard several folks on here say trailman is very good also esp for us northern tier growers.

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ROYAL RAINDROPS if you don’t desire fruit (their fruit is smaller than pea size but red)…pink bloom, burgundy spring foliage, orangish fall foliage, 3-part leaf.

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I’d second the recommendation of Centennial. I don’t know about Seattle but Centennial is wonderful here. In addition to what’s said above, I’d add that it is quite early. We just finished picking ours today. The granddaughters love them.

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! My neighbors do have normal apples. I am assuming I don’t need a 2nd to cross pollinate.