Best forum ever, but.. ! It’s even better!

I really think this has to be the best forum set up out of any of the forums that I visit (which aren’t very many). I really like all of the features. There is one thing that I wish could be added. I wish there was some way that when a person posts their zone would be shown. It should almost be mandatory, lol. It would be so much easier to understand some of the posts if I knew what zone the person is in who is posting. I see people asking questions and one of the first questions that is ask is what zone are you in. If it already appeared next to the persons handle, there would be no need to ask or guess. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Good thought.


On a computer I believe you can click on their name and it will display a card with the person’s zone info, without taking you to a different page.

On mobile I think you have to go to their user page. I agree though that it would be nice if it was right next to their name.


I agree , I think the state should be added as well.
As this can make a big difference.


Aiden. It worked You’re in zone 5a

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Definitely state (or something else for those outside the US)


If members do not add their zones on their profiles, it will not show.

I wish adding a zone and even a general location i.e. “zone 5 central Vermont”, “zone 8b CA” could be done automatically but it is not.

That’s why we ask those who do not put the info in, to do so.


Is there any way to change the username so we could add the zone to it?

You do not need to change your user name to add your zone.

Click on your avatar.
A list of commands will show up cross the top of the page
Choose Preference, the one on the far right. Click on it
A list of commands will show up on the left side of the page
Click on Profile
It will allow you to add info on your profile, add zone (and location), etc.
After your complete the change, click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
You are done.


All a person has to do is click on the ‘avitar’ and the zone is there.
So, I don’t see the issue, except for a brand new person.
And the option to compete the zone when first
signing up might take care of that if not now.

Not everyone wants to give their town or city upon first entering a strange forum.

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Would there be a way to send out some notification…
Just a request, not mandatory.
That people add their state , zone , to their profile ?
And add that to the sign up part too…
So once and done .
Many members may miss this post …

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I don’t know. I hope @scottfsmith will be able to give you an answer.


We could pin a post requesting everyone fill it out with detailed instructions, maybe that would help…

Right after I set up the forum I tried to write some code to get the zone to show without having to click on the user avatar. It ended up being too hard for me to figure out in the time I devoted to it, and it didn’t seem all that bad to have to do one click if you wanted to see it.


Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Hey @scottfsmith

Think you could edit your first post to add that it is very helpful for every member to state their general location and zone within their profile. And then say, the more information, the better!

something like that…


Good idea, Dax! I edited it.

Please take a look and see if it looks good. @mamuang thanks for your instructions, I used them as a basis for what I wrote. While I was at it I made a few other improvements to that pinned post. It had not been edited in several years.


@scottfsmith maybe this?:

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I add it to my name. Just seems like common sense given the purpose. Perhaps a prompt to do that could be added for when we join.

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I think it all depends on how USA-cetric the forum wants to be, after all the zones that are talked on this subject are USDA zones, not Canadian or our local ones. Personally I detest the zone-worshiping (okay, maybe that was a bith harsh), because it is really inadequate way of telling anything else but the lowest temp. It does not matter a bit if it does not go below the 6b mark if the lenght of the summer and heat units are insufficient to mature the wood or the fruit. I think the world has vastly enhanced systems (I love Köppen-Geiger ), but for some reason garden and plant forums have not tested these and they remain in use for the scientific people.
All this is guesswork and ranting, sorry for that :grin:


Well when talking to people in other countries, every one of them gave me a zone number. So most of the world has adopted the system anyway. First time I heard it was an issue in other countries? I have been here six years and the issue never came up till now. .