Best pawpaw variety?

I know nothing about pawpaws. I’ve heard they taste really good. What are considered the best varieties? I’d like to geow one? Are different varieties different in terms of taste?

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There is no “best.” It’s like apples. Everyone has their own preference.

You should follow along with this thread. Pawpaw Varieties

A lot of the posts this year have been a few of us comparing notes on taste for the same cultivars. Pawpaw Varieties - #566 by JustPeachy


There are some nuances that differ between varieties in terms of flavor.
KSU Chappell, Susquehanna, Shenandoah are some top varieties among many others.

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Since you’re in georgia 7b, it should be pretty easy to taste a pawpaw though. There should be loads of that stuff wild in northern georgia.

I haven’t seen them or heard of them yet :joy:. Even peaches seem hard to find.

Where in Georgia are you?

Lawrenceville. I mean we have peaches, but not as much as you would think, being the “peach state”.

You should find some trails along river areas and check for the trees once you know what the leaves look like. Big and green, similar to a hickory.

It looks like you have some along the northern portion of the Chattahoochee River along the eastern bank, as well as the southwestern corner of the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

The thread I started here should be helpful to you as well. Growing Pawpaws ( Asimina triloba )

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Use the inaturalist website or app.

People are still picking wild american persimmon right now near you.


Oh wow, that is awesome @JustPeachy. I’ve been using the Falling Fruit app for searching for pawpaws but there are a ton more on inaturalist for that area. I’ll have to check for my area as well.