Best tasting apples


Pretty good advice beyond growing fruit. We all need to chill a little.


Nutting, I can spare a stick of OR If you need. PM me.


Me too, last winter.
I realized I had gotten pretty wrapped up in what to choose and said a simple prayer, “OK, make of this what You will.” Got a pile of scions from folks who wanted to trade. Nice to know I have something others find interesting.
Then I grafted five pieces, including Goldrush, which I had written off as impossible until this forum gave me the overwhelming encouragement to try it. It took, twice. Then grafted Redfield because a spot came open (6’ tall and 4’ branches!) and Connell Red (Fireside sport) which I had initially no intention of using here. Wow! Connell is vigorous. It now stands on D’Arcy Spice, a small vigor tree and is already 37 inches tall since the graft was made on Memorial Day. Loads of branches and very healthy.
So now I have 8 cultivars I’ve never tasted before growing on the property, with every hope they will prove useful, enjoyable and instructive for myself and the people I love.

Maybe in the group lurks a best tasting apple? (Lamb Abbey Pearmain? Hunt Russet?)


Uploading… these have been some big Gravensteins this year and a good amount for an biennial year for them.



We have an orchard close that put in a number of Connell Red. A very large, pretty, but bland apple in central Ia. Extreme vigor!


I wonder if there might be too much heat here for Connell, as is the case for William’s Pride. Time will tell. The growth is phenomenal.


I had that problem with a single Red Gravenstein last year, and we waited too long. This year, we had seven times as many apples on that tree. I tested one yesterday, and based on its ripeness, plus reports from a friend that Gravs had been picked elsewhere, I picked the rest. The second one, unfortunately, needed a feed more days. Haven’t yet tried any more.


A Macintosh, gala, and a Gravenstein Espalier system tree turned into a Tall Spindle Apple tree. I cut the lowest limbs which were Macs, kept the Gala on the second tier then let the Gravenstein grow up into the Tall Spindle type tree.


Looking good, John.


Very clean fruits. You got the pest under controlled with a good sprayed program.



I like the way you do espalier, just like mine! Keep going.


Can anyone give me a estimate as to when rubinnete apples should be ripe. Ime in missouri zone 6/7 line. Or at least what to look for on them. Thanks


Rubinette ripens early Sept in Virginia. See this link for the photo from Albemarle Ciderworks. Word is the bottoms color up with stripes while the tops turn an opaque yellow.

Too bad the deer ate my first crop of Rubinette this year. I had several beautiful apples they stole from me.

Next year…


John Trout has finally achieved a bumper crop of Starkrisp Galas. I’ve watched this guy’s videos for years. He has overcome a struggle with fireblight - and other hardships - and finally can enjoy the fruits of his labor.


The first pic here on the start of this video has me wanting to ask.What causes that dimple sticking out of that apple? Any idea? I had a few this year like that. Just curious.


My guess is bug damage or cold damage. Interested to hear others’ thoughts…


Tarnished plant bugs


So says Alan Buckingham’s book…


The tarnished plant bug: