Best tasting apples


I believe Honeycrisp ripens sooner, so maybe CC wasn’t quite ripe yet- However, it doesn’t have HC’s big cells. Whole lot easier to grow, though.


Not the same as far as I can tell. I grow them both and Pink Parfait ripens before Strawberry Parfait if I remember right.


I think that might be backward. Green mantle says Pink Parfat needs a long season to ripen. Strawberry Parfait ripens here in July to early August.
Have yet to get apples from Pink Parfait though.


That’s what I see here. Strawberry Parfait ripens in August, just before Gravenstein. Pink Parfait is one of my latest apples, ripening in December.

And while I do like the former, the latter is in an entirely different class, at least in my cool coastal climate. It’s definitely my best red-fleshed apple, and one of my best apples of any kind.


Awesome report! One more reason to look forward to tasting for myself. :smile:


Might be! Just got off a cruise to Cuba and was trying to remember.


Did you bring back any Cuban scionwood under your cap or an secret pocket? :slight_smile:


Ha ha ha no! However oddly enough the customs agents in Cuba are all young women who wear black fishnet hose and short skirts. We were told not to take pictures of them or ask about the hose!