Best tasting apples


I’m looking forward the hearing what you think. Voles did in my hawkeye :frowning:

I’ve never tasted it, but I’ve had good Red Delicious in the 70s, and I imagine its better than those.


This is my other Sundowner. Darker on the sunny side.


This line up will be tasted tomorrow. I just realized that most have very long names. Can’t fit them in one line.

They are from left to right.


They all look great Mam! Wish I could taste them!


Wish you were here, really.


Starking apples

They are super sweet, more than market ones and no acid. And this year they are deep red. Really good!


Great looking apples everyone!


I was about 4 or 5 when I last ate a “Hawkeye” delicious. By the time I was in college, the trees had died, as I went back as an adult to the location.
I do know they were juicy, can’t recall the exact flavors. Certainly tasty at the time.


I tried some Cosmic Crisps last fall purchased from a grocer here in Oregon. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, I was dissapointed…Very sweet and crisp but lacking complexity and IMO not nearly as good as its cousin Honeycrisp. Just another sweet crunchy apple. There are far more interesting ones out there…


Sorry to hear that. Try them again this coming season Deborah. Hopefully some thing new to you.


Interesting. The Cosmic Crisp were more variable than I expected, but the ones that hadn’t sat around had a good dose of acid to go with the sugar.


I mentioned earlier that Ben Lamand Limbertwig was best so far this year but im bumping it down to number 2 and putting Suncrisp at the top. Suncrisp was very crunchy and had a tartness mixed with the perect amount of sweetness, looking forward to this one next year.


@thepodpiper Interesting about your Ben L. favorite. I see it spelled Ben Lomond but can’t recall the source for that. Do you like it better than Royal or Red Royal LT?


It’s spelled Ben Lomand in Old Southern Apples. Not sure who he was but at least in Tennessee there’s a telecom company (I assume) named after him. Also a town or two in TN with Ben Lomand streets. But then there are mountains and a town in CA spelled Ben Lomond. I just know it’s a LT I don’t yet have :slight_smile:


Ben Lomand is a mountain in Scotland. (Ben means ‘mountain’). ((Like we might say, Mt. Ranier or Mt. Laconte)).

I don’t know if any Scottish descendants in US have the last name of Lomand…possibly.


Sounds like Lomand is it. Lee Calhoun was quite careful on his work. @podpiper agree?-


Ah, interesting… I dabble in genealogical research and Lomand doesn’t appear to be a super common name. Findagrave and FamilySearch. Lomond only slightly more common.

Oh and Horse Creek appears to indicate it’s origin as Virginia.


This is payback for all of us who collect the old rarities. Buried among the cookers, saucers, keepers are some fresh eating stars like @thepodpiper’s Ben Lomand Limbertwig just waiting to be re-discovered.


I have Odysso now. I’m growing as an espalier. Maybe it will bear next year. I would enjoy the Redlove red flavor in a sweeter apple.


Hi! This is my red flesh sweetest variety. It’s really good and very productive. I have two trees and start producing already on first year.